15 May 2012

internets, meet burrito. burrito, meet internets.

One of the biggest things that has prevented me from blogging lately this this little guy/gal:

Apparently people really weren't kidding when they said no two pregnancies are alike.  I have felt sick to my stomach yucky for the last several weeks.  Which means there hasn't been much desire to blog and even if I did most days a post would look like this:

Today I didn't get out of my PJs until almost dinner time.  Mainly I laid on the couch or my bed.  Mabes kept herself entertained with imaginary friends and her toys.  When that wasn't entertaining enough I would use the handy DirecTV app on my iPad to control the TV and play movies and other DVR'd Disney goodness from the other room.  That's right I feel terrible and I let my TV babysit my kid, it is called survival mode.  Oh and I didn't feed her lunch until 2.  This hasn't been my proudest few weeks of parenting.

Anyhow, a few details for those of you who are curious.  I am currently 8 weeks along (due Christmas day!) and we figured rather than wait another month we would share the good news now.  One: because it is hard to keep a secret, especially after trying for three years to have this little miracle.  Two: we figured that it can't hurt to have lots of people praying for us.  Three: Mabes was about to have her little head explode from trying to keep the secret.  I don't think there is another kid on the planet more ready to be a big sister than she is.

Oh and in case you are wondering what the heck you are looking at in the ultrasound an explanation:
Burrito Explained
 I kind of think the baby looks like a pea pod.

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  1. awesome, jess. awesome awesome awesome. i am so incredibly happy for you and dan and mabry. what a lucky little burrito! lifting you up in prayer as we speak!! PS - i wish i had some survival tips with the morning (haha!) sickness, but i pretty much was in survival mode as well. as much as you can be when you're still working 60 hour weeks, at least. but i was doing it without another kiddo at home! you're a brave woman. one thing that eventually made a difference for me was when my dr finally said "it doesn't matter what you're eating, just eat!" i had such guilt because i couldn't keep down veggies, so i embraced eating whatever sounded or felt good at the moment. it didn't always stay down, but it helped me turn the corner. preggie pops help a little, hard ginger candies, but not much else did anything for me. i really hope you start feeling better soon!


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