23 May 2012

tiny dancer

This weekend Mabes had her first dance recital.  She has been in a ballet/tap class since last August and has been talking about the recital since before her first day.  She has been calling it her "Nutcracker."  Needless to say when we woke up Saturday morning her excitement was palpable.  

Of course that gave way to some nerves when I took her back stage to meet up with the rest of her class.  There may have been a few minutes of holding on to my leg with a steely death grip.  A few words of reassurance and a few of her friends coming over to talk to her helped.  

The dance academy she attends split all of their dancers into two separate performances.  The morning performance was all the small children.  It was so cute and hysterical.  From the little girl who stood on the side of the stage with her arms crossed refusing to move to the little boy who sang along with the music at the top of his lungs.  

The teachers were off the stage behind the curtain doing the the dances so the kids could watch for reference if they needed.  Mabes was able to keep up with the music and routine, even if she did spend most of the song watching the teacher.  

I was so proud of her.
Recital #4

Recital #1

I'm just sayin' cutest little ballerina ever.  (It is probably hard to see in the photos, but her face was all scraped up (especially across her nose) from a tricycle accident the day before.)
Recital #3

We were also blessed to have lots of family and friends come to support our little ballerina in person not to mention all the well wishes and good thoughts being sent from those who couldn't be there.  
Recital #2

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