07 June 2012


While Betsy and Sven were visiting we decided to take a day trip to Onslow Beach.  The last time we were there Mabes was about 20 months old.  She hated the water and spent most of the time crying.  Dan finally dug a hole in the sand near where the tide came in and she was happy to spend the rest of the trip in her glorified personal puddle.  

What a difference a few years can make. 
Beach 4

The girlie loved being in the water and letting the waves crash into her.  She still wasn't' a fan of getting her face all wet.  Let's be honest, who really enjoys a face full of salt water though?  
Beach #1

When she wasn't letting one of us hold onto her out in the ocean she was busy running up and down the beach and making silly poses.  
Beach 3

Sven and Dan each took a turn at building a sand castle.  Each time the tide would come in and wash it all away.  (That or a certain little girl with a bucket full of water who was just trying to help.)  Mabes even let me bury her in the sand and draw on her to look like a mermaid.   
Beach 2

I even learned a few lessons out on the beach.  Namely that just because you think you applied sunscreen all over yourself doesn't mean you did.  When in doubt double up and reapply.  The very tops of my thighs were a red color usually reserved for lobsters and fire engines by the time we left that day.  

Also, you don't realize how much energy you use trying to get out past the waves to swim around or how fast things can change in the water.  Betsy and Sven were way out in the water and being the awkward nonathletic person I am spent a good ten minutes fighting the waves trying to get out to them.  

When I finally did Sven took a look at the shore and suggested we start to head back because we had gone out a little further than we should have.  I turned around to go back and got smacked by a huge wave.  By the time I had pulled my head up out of the water another wave was crashing down on me.  This went on and on and I really started to panic on about the fourth mouth full of salt water.  My lungs were burning, my eyes were burning and I was really getting tired quick.  Poor Betsy tried to help me and even she started to panic a little.  By the time we made it back to shore I was gasping for breath and coughing like crazy.  My chest was on fire and I felt sick.  Honestly, it was a really scary couple of minutes.

Mabes is already asking when we can go back again.  Amazing, how fast things change.  

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  1. Remember you did the same thing...hated Barb's pool and I think it was the next year you were doing flips and head stands underwater. I won't even do that. Please don't go far out into water AGAIN...that scared me reading that part. All in all it looks like you had tons of fun minus the burn.


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