28 June 2012

blowing rock

I did it!  An entire week of blogging.  It has been awhile since I did that, and believe you me it wasn't the easiest of tasks.  Nor will I promise that it will happen every week.  I am trying.  

A few weeks ago we headed to Western North Carolina for a family reunion near Boone.  Seriously, the views up in those mountains are breathtaking.  

The town of Boone is where Dan's dad is from and it is a pretty interesting place.  In the winter there is a lot of skiing and snowboarding.  Also Appalachian State calls Boone home.  While waiting for a few places to open up early Sunday morning we walked around the campus.  Dan thought that the giant yellow air freshener hanging from one of the buildings was hysterical.  Blowing Rock NC #12
Dan's aunt and her family stayed in a cabin in a nearby town called Blowing Rock.  One night we went to visit and hang out with them.  I am standing as far in the front yard as you can possibly walk, maybe twenty or so yards.  
Blowing Rock NC #7
Behind me it dropped off into nothingness.  All you could see for miles were the mountains and the valleys.  Mabes wanted me to take her picture "holding" a mountain.  It was all her idea.  She thought she was so silly.  Blowing Rock NC #2

Hello beautiful views.  I could live here forever and ever amen.
Blowing Rock NC #3

Also in Blowing Rock is The Blowing Rock.  Which of course as the oldest attraction in the state, we had to stop and see.  Mabes and Dan have no fear when it comes to heights and stepped right out onto this platform that was suspended over nothing but trees hundreds and hundreds of feet below in a valley.  I spent much of my time trying to concentrate on the camera, knowing that my feet were firmly planted on the platform, staying far away from the edge and warning the girlie to be careful as she gleefully stuck her head in between the rails for a better look.
Blowing Rock NC #16
She could not get enough of looking through the view finders.  
Blowing Rock NC #13
I'm pretty sure we put a quarter in every one we came across so she could check out the views.
Blowing Rock NC #15
Blowing Rock NC #18
We all took turns sitting on the Blowing Rock and taking our photo.  In the background of this next picture you can see the low lying clouds near the top of the mountains in the distance.  Mabes was convinced they were erupting volcanos.  
Blowing Rock NC #25
Blowing Rock NC #35
Blowing Rock NC #28
Blowing Rock NC #36
We wrapped up our time hanging out by the waterfall and then touring the gift shop.  We told Mabes she could pick out one small memento.  You would have thought we had given her a choice of which limb to cut off the way she mulled it over.  In the end she settled on a $2 mood ring which she swears is magic.  
Blowing Rock NC #39
If you ask me, there may not be magic in the mountains, but there sure has to be a small piece of heaven.  

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