06 June 2012

my child is weird and a list of random stuff

1.  The moment you start to scratch the girlie's back, arms, head, etc. she zones out completely.  These photos were taken at my sister's graduation last month.  Mabes sat on her Gamma's lap and as soon as my mom started to rub her back she was done for.  The second picture especially makes me laugh.  I am not even sure five minutes passed and Mabes was soundly sleeping.  

2.  Videos on the iPhone are the best way to pass the time if you are Mabes.  I can't tell you how many times in a week I have to clean my phone out because there will be 92 videos (many times more than that) of her singing and/or talking to herself.  I like her face at the end of this one:

3.  Want to take a 10 minute escape but can't actually leave your desk?  Google Maps has made it possible for you to travel down the Amazon using Street View.  Amazing!

4. Make It Count:

5.  Awkward Stock Photos because of course these pictures exist.

Happy Wednesday!  The weekend will be here before we know it.  Cannot wait.  

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