19 June 2012

sleepover confessions from a sleep deprived mama

Hello! Hello!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Dan had four days off (thanks for having a birthday, US Army) and we managed to cram all kinds of stuff into those four days.

One of the biggest things (at least for Mabes) was a sleepover.  There have been times in the past where she has had friends spend the night.  Usually these are the children of close friends and family.  This time it was a little girl from her t-ball team, which made it a little different.

The night started out fine.  The girls ate their dinner and played with a bunch of the Girlie's dress up clothes.
Sleepover #4

Then they helped me make brownies.  Which basically meant standing on step stools as close as possible to me and questioning every move I made.  After all of that they decided they really wanted strawberry smoothies and to watch a movie.
Sleepover #2
Sleepover #3
Once the movie was over I did the whole bedtime/brush your teeth/go potty thing and then took them back to the Girlie's room.  Dan and I had set up an air mattress on the floor and had covered it with about six different blankets.  I told the girls that they were allowed to stay up and talk and play, but that they had to keep the noise down to a minimum.  I guess I was caught up in the memories I had of being little and having sleepovers.  

My biggest error of the night was giving them that type of freedom.

For about an hour they spent time making shadow puppets on the wall and playing under all of the blankets telling stories using a flashlight I had given them:
Sleepover #5
Around 10:30 I went back and told them that it was really getting late and that it was time for bed.  Unfortunately this was not what the girls wanted to hear.  Immediately the little friend wanted to go home.  When I asked why, she told me it was because I was making her go to sleep.  I tried to explain that she would still have to go to sleep even if she went home, but it didn't matter.  Then she became upset that she didn't have her stuffed animal to sleep with like Mabes had Sheebus.

I should point out that the girls were so silly about having to have the same of everything.  Right down to the color plates, forks and cups used at dinner.  It should have come as no surprise that her friend wanted a stuffed animal too.  I tried offering up every single stuffed animal and toy in the house, but none of them was hers.  Can't say I blame her.

Over the next hour or so several text message conversations and phone calls happened between her Mama and I.  Finally the little friend seemed to understand that she needed to listen and go to sleep.  Her only request was that I lay down with her and Mabes.  Easy enough.  Not even two minutes later and she was out.

Unfortunately I had pulled out the portable DVD player and put on a movie to try and distract from the fact that there was a missing stuffed animal to love on.  Mabes is the type of kid who won't sleep if there is a movie on.  Fearing she would throw an all out fit if I turned it off and wake up her friend I let her finish Cinderella.  Which meant she didn't go to sleep until 12:30am.

You might be wondering where was Dan while a lot of this was going on?  Hiding in the office playing his video game (wise man):
Sleepover #1

My second big error was thinking that they would be so tired from the late night that they would sleep in.  Both were up and jumping on the bed and laughing and talking at the top of their lungs at 7 the next morning.

Thankfully that afternoon after her friend left Mabes took a long nap.  She said she had a lot of fun, but that it really wore her out and she wasn't sure she wanted to have another sleepover.  She said she likes "playovers" better where "everyone sleeps in their own houses."

Speaking as a tired Mama who still hasn't caught up on her sleep four days later, agreed.

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