28 June 2012

splish splash a list about mabes

*None of these photos have anything to do with the post.  I took them a few weekends ago when we enjoyed time with friends at the local splash pad.  
Splash Pad #10
1.  We are having major troubles with eating.  It isn't anything new that Mabes is the last one at the table, it just seems that now 45 minutes can go by and only two or three bites have been taken.  It is starting to make both Dan and I a little crazy.  When I was little my mom would finish her food and then put a five minute timer down in front of me and my sisters.  I still get stomach aches and a nauseous feeling when I think about that stupid timer.  So I don't want to take that route as far as trying to get Mabes to hurry up.  Any other suggestions?  

2.  Mabes new favorite breakfast is toast.  I believe this is in direct relation to the new toaster we purchased.  The old one went up in flames after almost eight years of service.  At the store Dan and I let Mabes pick the new one and she went with the ever so sensible bright purple option.  (It didn't matter to us because it is stored in a cupboard.)  
Splash Pad 6.16.2012
3.  Speaking of slow eating and toast.  Last week on the morning of my doctor's appointment for Burrito I was trying to motivate the girlie to eat her toast so we could leave.  She had about three bites of one piece and an entire second piece left to eat.  I told her we had ten minutes and then we had to leave and that I was going to go back and change the sheets on my bed.  She had better be finished when I came back I warned.  Not two minutes later she happily dances down the hall and our conversation went like this:
Me: Did you finish all of your food?
Mabes: Yes.
Me:  You ate all of your toast?  Both pieces?
Mabes: Yes.
Me:  Are you sure?
Mabes: Yes.
Me:  Mabes, did you throw your toast in the trash can?
Mabes: instant tears Yes.  

I didn't know if I should be more mad that she lied to my face or that she threw out food.  Needless to say she was spanked and we had a long talk about lying and about wasting food.  She was devastated.
Splash Pad #11
4.  Several of our friends have had babies in the last week or two.  Mabes is so excited to meet the new babies and hold their hands she can hardly see straight.  She also has an obsession with seeing their eyes open and the color of their eyes.  
Splash Pad #9
5.  Recently she became concerned with how Burrito would know we were their family once they were born.  I told her that babies can hear you talk when they are growing in their Mama's bellies.  I also told her that babies know their mother's smell and even the sound of the Mama's heartbeat.  She responded with, "That's so sweet.  Burrito just swims up by your heart and listens to it."  

6.  She loves riding in the car with the windows down.  Her hair blowing in the breeze and her sun glasses on.  It is such fun to listen to her giggling like crazy with sheer joy as we drive down the road. 

I had really hoped to come up with a list of ten things to talk about.  However, I am exhausted and ready to go to sleep.  So it looks like six is all we get for now.  Hooray for the weekend being right around the corner!


  1. Don't use a timer. when you guys finish and she has had a reasonable amount of time to finish also, just remove the plates, and tell her she can finish up hers at snack time, or the next meal or whatever. I don't think you would have to do it many times for her to get the idea.


  2. So frustrated! I comment all the time but I just realized they don't post?! Arg. So sorry. :/
    ANYWAY! gram's suggestion is one that she shared with us long ago and it works great! We just tell them that it goes into the fridge for the next meal (with a smile of course). Also, I had to be really aware of when and how much snack I let certain kiddos have. Hmmmm, what else, oh! Less on the plate. My littles would get overwhelmed by portion. So when we stopped putting so much on there (like really, the least amount I thought they could survive on) it set the tone for finishing your food with the rest of the family.


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