20 June 2012

sports photos

TBall #4
During t-ball season the individual/team picture day was cancelled three different times due to weather. It was actually getting to the point of being borderline ridiculous.  Figuring I could do just as good of a job as the company that was hired I took the Girlie's photos myself.  

Thank goodness Dan came along to help with the posing.  If I had been out there on my own who knows what would have happened.  Certainly nothing in correct form, that's for sure.
TBall #3
Dan was a big fan of trying to take some action shots.  We had her swing the bat a half a dozen times until he was satisfied that we had gotten a good series of photos.
TBall #6
Here she is pretending to catch a ball on the ground and then tagging the base.  (Two things I am not sure ever happened during the season with our team at all.)
TBall #2
My person favorites are the two photos I took of her on the pitcher's mound.  Seriously, cutest t-ball player ever.  That little belly just kills me.
TBall #1
I couldn't resist sharing this last one of her with Sheebus:
TBall #5
Even though she is almost five-years-old and doing all of these awesome new things like dance class and t-ball and even school in the fall she is still just a little stuffed sheep toting girlie who totally stole our hearts.


  1. Precious ... just precious.


  2. Oh my goodness, these pictures just show how she is growing up way too fast and then that bottom picture...well you are right...she is just a stuffed sheep toting little girl. You did a great job on the pictures...they should of hired you for sure.


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