15 June 2012

this is probably going to make me sound crazy

Since the day Mabes was born I have saved every single piece of clothing, toy, book, blanket, spoon, baby item you can imagine that was ever purchased for or given to her.  We are well stocked for baby, especially if Burrito turns out to be a girl.

Yes, there are a few things that we will need to get regardless.  Somehow a baby tub went missing in our cross country move a few years ago and it turns out the infant car seat we have is set to expire a few weeks after Burrito's arrival.  I also threw out all of the plastic baby bottles when all of the BPA information started coming out.

I digress.

Everything has been stored away in tubs in our shed out back.  It was actually getting to the point that the entire top portion of the shed could no longer contain the tubs and everything was starting to spill into the lower portion.  3T clothes stored right next to the rakes and shovels.  That is where you keep it, right?

Anyhow, before my sister came to visit at the beginning of the month I wanted to get down the boxes of baby clothes.  If Burrito turns out to be a little mister I plan to sell as much of the little girl clothing as I can to help build up his wardrobe.  It is either that or join a nudist colony.  If there was anything Betsy wanted for her potential future daughters, I wanted her to let me know so that I could set it aside for her, just in case.  Once Dan and I started pulling out tubs we realized two things.  1.  It was ridiculously hot in the upper part of our shed and there was no way we wanted to come back out in the middle of the summer to haul everything else down and into the house.  2.  It was just easier to pull everything down because I had not labeled several of the tubs and who knew what was actually in there.

For a few weeks now this has been the scene in our garage:
photo 1

Dan hates it.  I hate it.  I tried to organize it a little bit.  The dresser (aka Big Ugly) that I bought on Craigslist (another story for another day) just added to the overwhelming pile of stuff.

Mabes is excited for the baby and is constantly planning on Christmas gifts for the baby (since he/she is due Christmas day) and adding to her list of things to teach the baby.  So it  came as no surprise to me when about a week ago Mabes decided she wanted to do something for Burrito.  We talked about things she could do.  Why not draw a picture?  How about you sing to my belly?  Apparently she had her mind made up that she wanted to build the crib.  She was worried about where the baby would sleep and had been eyeing the crib ever since it made its way into the pile in the garage.

So we built the baby's crib.  Which then motivated me to start working on Big Ugly and get it out of the garage and into the house as well.

Then yesterday I got the urge to start cleaning out the garage.  Which meant hauling in tubs of baby stuff to sort through and organize.  Board books added to the bookshelves, toys put in the old toy box, onesies and other unisex clothing put away in drawers or hung up.  I added to the pile of potential girlie stuff that may have to leave via garage sale later this summer.

All in all it was a very productive day and our garage is starting to look more normal.  I also have a nursery that is 3/4 of the way done and I just ended my first trimester a few days ago.

I know it probably seems crazy to most of you.  Before you judge me too harshly, please keep in mind that the sad fact is we had been trying for and planning on this baby for three years.  Everything about my Type-A personality already had everything figured out.  I knew where the baby would sleep.  The way furniture would be arranged in the room.  Everything.  The only thing missing was the baby.  Now we have the baby on the way and the only two things we have to wait on are the sex and the due date.

I'll post photos of the nursery next week after I get finished with the last part of Big Ugly's makeover.  In the meantime I will leave you with a photo I snapped of the Big Sister after I told her we could build the crib:
photo 3
Maybe I should worry less about the nursery and focus on getting this girlie a hair cut.  Talk about a crazy mess.

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