25 July 2012

a little of this and that (with pictures!)

Yesterday evening we were hit with a fairly substantial thunderstorm.  Needless to say any hope of going outside for a mini photo shoot was dashed.  I'm hoping that maybe today or tomorrow the weather will cooperate and we will be able to get outside and take some photos.  I'm ready to update some of the frames in the house.

In the meantime I thought I would share some of the photos I have taken on my phone recently.  Many of them are from the afternoon we spent with my sister and her husband and friends at Myrtle Beach last weekend.  They were vacationing and asked us to come see them since it was only a few hours away.
Photo Dump 1

Top Row: Holding her breath as the tide washed in; With A. B and U. Spen; Making a sand castle
Bottom Row: Dan-o; Being buried alive at her request; Passed out on the ride home minutes after getting in the car.

Photo Dump #2

Top Row: Trip to the ER for a bladder infection (not fun); Time out for running into the ocean without an adult (also not fun); Burrito week 18 bump.
Bottom Row: Thinking about what flavor fluoride to ask for at the dentist (marshmallow); Dental appointment like a boss; Picking out a toy for doing such a good job.

I also thought I would share a few interesting links I have come across:

2006 Whale Attack Released: Seriously sweaty palms watching this one.

PopChips: Recently heard about these and wonder if they are any good.  Anyone ever tried them before?

Global Fat Scale: Really interesting.

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life: Can I just say that after reading the name of the guy in #17 no one should ever comment on some of my "bizarre" name choices.

With that I will bid you all a fantastic Wednesday!  Also, a very happy birthday to our sweet cousin, Vail.

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  1. Aww thanks for the shout out on Vail's birthday. Love the baby bump :) Perfect!


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