19 July 2012

big sister weekend

We had attempted to find out the gender of our little Burrito almost two weeks ago.  We ended up going to a place up near the Raleigh airport about an hour and a half from where we live for the ultrasound.  She decided to be stubborn and not only bury herself into the worst possible position but to cross her legs and jam her feet preventing any sort of view.  

Which meant we had to make a second trip up to see if maybe she would be feeling a little more cooperative.  (Thank goodness she was!)  This time we decided to make the trip a little more fun and memorable.  So we cashed in some points and booked a hotel in Chapel Hill for the night so that we could celebrate our last night of the unknown and more importantly to celebrate Mabes becoming a big sister.

We didn't say a word about any of our plans to Mabes.  The first thing on the agenda was to check into the hotel and hit the pool for an hour or so:
Aloft Hotel Raleigh for big sister weekend:Harlow's gender reveal 7.13.12
Then it was time for showers and getting ready to go to dinner.  We told her she could pick any place she wanted.  The only thing she kept saying was that she really wanted corn.  
Proud Big Sister on Big Sister Weekend 7.13.12
We thought surely Ted's Montana Grill would have corn for her.  They didn't.  We decided to stay anyhow and the food was delicious despite of the lack of a certain yellow veggie.  
Ted's Montana Grill for Big Sister Dinner 7.13.12
Random side note: Instead of crayons, they give kids something called Wikki Stix.  Mabes could twist and bend them into various shapes.  She was virtually quiet the whole time we sat at the table she was so immersed in her playing.  
Wikki Stix
I did manage to talk her into taking one photo with her Daddy though.  
Mabes and Daddy 7.13.12
After dinner we took her to see the new Ice Age movie that had just come out.  Dan said it was his favorite one of the Ice Age movies and I would have to agree that it was pretty good.  There were a few scary parts that Mabes covered her eyes for.  She did like it well enough to want me to take her photo with each of the characters as we were trying to leave.
Ice Age 4 #2
Ice Age 4 for Big Sister Weekend 7.13.12
From there we headed back to the hotel.  The Big Sister said that she wanted a late night snack.  So we took a walk and found a store that sold apples and bananas.  A perfect snack to end a perfect day.
Late night snack on big sister weekend
The next morning we headed over to the ultrasound place.  We were impressed with the large TV that projected the ultrasound images so that we could all clearly see what was going on.  Dan also liked the big leather couches.  Much better than the cramped little room we had been a few months back when we first saw the baby.
Ultrasound #2
Ultrasound for Burrito Take #1 7.6.12
The big sister was most impressed with the cake pop that the tech gave her.  Always thinking with her stomach she is.
Having a cake pop at the ultrasound
In the end we were able to celebrate our one girlie becoming a big sister and to find out another little girlie will be joining us around the holidays.  We are super excited and just ready to for December to get here.  

Mabes swears up and down that the baby was waving to all of us.  
Waving Hi

So hello from our sweet Baby Burrito!

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