16 July 2012

family reunion 2012

This post is a little late.  OK, maybe a lot late.  Like a month overdue.  But who is really counting?  You may recall awhile back I posted about us taking a trip to Boone and Blowing Rock.  The reason we were there was for a family reunion.  Boone is where Dan's Dad grew up and every year he and his siblings try to get their families together.  

This year the reunion was held in a beautiful park nestled in the mountains.  It was the perfect location. From the playgrounds, to the picnic areas, the creek and the views, it was just awesome.  Not to mention the great food and the even better company!

We spent a lot of time down by the creek.  Mabes kept busy dragging her aunts Rachel and Liza from one end to the other.  Aunt Leah documented everything.  One man had brought his dogs down to the water to cool off.  Mabes loved getting to pet them and watch them swim in the water.
Mabes and her aunts

Dan spent his time drinking ice tea from a gigantic can (he's all mine, Ladies) and venturing out into various depths of the ice cold water.  I would look up and find him frozen in place waiting for me to see him and snap a picture.  I probably have 15 of so of him just standing in the creek.  
Dan Water

Baby Burrito and I ventured out just far enough to get a picture and cool off my ankles.  It was a little slippery walking around on the rocks and I didn't really want to chance falling down.  Mabes looks upset in the picture with her Daddy because his shoe had some how come off and started floating down stream.  She didn't like that at all and was busy screaming, "Dada's shoe!  His shoe!"  A few little kids and a dog all tried to catch the rouge flip flop, but had no luck.  In the end a fisherman around the bend managed to get it and Dan's cousin retrieved it and brought it back, saving the day.

Here is a picture of Dan's Dad with most of his siblings.  I believe two sisters are missing from the photo.  They are lined up youngest to oldest.  Dan's Dad is on the far right. 
Oakes Family Reunion#32

Mabes had a blast playing with all of her little cousins.  You can't tell my kiddo is used to having her photo taken at all.  
Oakes Family Reunion#35

One last picture of the whole group:
Oakes Family Reunion#41

Looking forward to next year's reunion already.

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  1. That is so nice that they try to get together...family reunions seem to be a thing of the past and I wish more families would do them...including ours. At least your Granny has tried and it was fun.


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