13 July 2012

five for friday: my gracie girl

Mabes #1

When Mabes was born I really thought I would call her by her full name.  Dan insisted he would only use her first name.  He uses her full name more than anyone else.  I call her everything but her given name and she usually answers to all of it.  Gracie is a popular nickname right now.

*Most of the photos in the post today have nothing to do with the post in general.  I just downloaded a bunch of pictures that I took this week and thought I would share them.*

Anyhow, onto the Five for Friday.

1.  I am constantly hearing the words, "Mama want to hear a song I know?"  Sometimes it is a real song and other times it is a song she made up.  Usually the made up ones are love songs about how much she loves her family and how much we love her.  The other day she started singing Yankee Doodle from the backseat.  Only her version went like this:  "Macaroni went to town riding on his pony.  Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni."  Then she would laugh hysterically and say it was silly for someone to call a feather macaroni.  Dan and I were impressed that she even knew that song as it isn't one we had taught her.  Of course we are working on learning the lyrics now.
Mabes #3

2.  Her birthday is just over two months away and my Mom emailed me this week to see if I knew what she wanted.  I asked her because up until then we hadn't talked about it and she said without hesitation, "Well I am going to be five.  I would really like my own computer because I am sick of having to ask to borrow yours.  I'd like a Mac."  Did I mention she is going on 45-years-old?  While a computer isn't going to happen, her Daddy and I have seriously thought about a LeapPad.  Does anyone have experience with them?  She would also like an "Under in Underland" themed party this year.  Which for those of you not in the know, is Alice in Wonderland.  I need to get on it.  If you happen to come across any good ideas or inspiration, please send it my way.
Mabes #6

3.  We took Dan to the preschool she is going to be attending to meet the director and to get a few questions answered.  Mabes got to meet her new teacher and look around a little.  She told me she is really excited for school to start but also kind of nervous.  She told me her fear is that she is going to be asked a question and she won't know the answer.  I told her that when that happens she should say, "I don't know.  Could you please teach me?"  Knowing that the start of school is just over a month away makes me sick to my stomach.  As much as I am looking forward to the break in the morning I am going to miss her so much.  I am going to be a hot mess that first day of school.  Who am I kidding, I am probably going to cry every day for the first month.  It is such an odd feeling to want your kid to grow up and to learn and to go out into the world and do great things but at the same time have the same desire to make time stand still because it goes by way too quickly.
Mabes #5

4.  Lately during quiet time she has started to put herself down for naps.  I am not complaining.
Mabes #2

5.  A few quirky things I wanted to write down so I don't forget:  Dan started eating oatmeal for breakfast some mornings.  Which means Mabes now likes to eat it too.  Her favorite part is adding the small spoonful of brown sugar to the bowl.  She calls it hot sugar.  No amount of correcting will convince her it is called anything else.  This week has been full of rain.  Most of the really big storms have gone around us, much to the girlie's disappointment.  Her new thing is to go around doing "rain dances" in an effort to get the storms to come here.  So far it hasn't really worked.  We are keeping our fingers crossed though.
Mabes #7

(Quick Tip: Using the "wings" on the juice box is a great way to prevent spills.)

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