07 August 2012

a rose by any other name....

I know my parents struggled when it came to naming me.  One parent in particular was a wee bit picky (I'm looking right at you, Dad).  When they did finally land on the name it turned out to be a pretty popular and common one with people in my age group, Jessica.  Growing up I very much wished I had been given a different name.

I'll admit my taste in names was a little out there.  I may have wanted to rename myself Wanda at one point.  Albeit, it is my grandmother's name and I thought it was beautiful and different.  I also knew that if I ever had a son I would name him Dweezil.  If Frank Zappa could do it, why couldn't I?  

Thankfully, when we were pregnant with Mabes, Dan managed to scale me back on my name choices. I still knew I wanted something different and pretty.  But I also didn't want my kid getting pounded on the playground because Mama named them something like Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.  When we finally came up with Mabes name (for those of you not in the know, Mabes is just a nickname) we knew it was prefect.  Not only was it a unique name, it was pretty and it had a special meaning to us as it was the last name of my college roommate and very good friend, Gloria.  We paired it with the middle name Grace.  A name whose meaning I love.  Plus it always brings to mind Grace Kelly in her stunning dress marrying her prince.  

When we first started trying for baby #2 we began tossing around names.  Some names were immediately vetoed.  Others stuck around for a couple of months and then would be discarded.  Nothing seemed right or meaningful.  This went on for years.  

Then this spring we discovered that our little Burrito was on his/her way.  Almost immediately Dan and I knew the names we wanted for Burrito depending on the gender.  If it was a boy, we would name him after my dad and Dan.  If it was a girl, we wanted to name her after Dan's Mom's family.  Specifically we wanted give the baby his Mom's maiden name.  If Burrito was a girl, we decided we would let Mabes give her any middle name she wanted.  

I'm not going to lie, I tried hard to influence her choice to something a little weird like Bacon.  I also tried to lobby for Grey and Elliot.  All of which were nixed by Mabes.  (Though Dan did say he liked Grey and Elliot both.)  Mabes had told us the morning after she found out about Burrito that she wanted us to name him/her Rose.  To her Rose is the most beautiful name in the world.  

Of course we all know now that we are in fact expecting another little lady to join the family this Christmas.  One we can't wait to love on and watch grow into another amazing little person just like her sister.  One we plan to name Harlow Rose.  

A few other notes about our baby Burrito this week:

1.  This week marks the half way point of the pregnancy (20 weeks woot!).  The sick to my stomach feeling is finally gone.  However it has been replaced with a lot of aches and pains and all around discomfort that I don't remember in the last pregnancy.  

2.  Mabes and I went to the anatomy ultrasound for Burrito yesterday.  They said that she is measuring within two days of her due date and they estimate her to be 11oz.  Her heart rate was a steady 140.  That baby girlie is consistent when it comes to her heart rate.  Every time we go to the doctor it is has been either 140 or 141 except once.  All of her vital organs, skull, arms, legs, etc. looked great they said.  Grow Burrito, grow!

3.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday's ultrasound:

Harlow 20 Week Ultrasound Profile 8.6.2012
(Her sweet profile)
Harlow 20 Week Ultrasound Mouth Open In a Yawn 8.6.2012
(Looking straight out (you can see her eye and nose) with her mouth open in a yawn/swallow)

4.  Dan and my Mom have both been able to feel her kick.  I feel her kick constantly.  

5.  Mabes is constantly talking about her "baby sistah."  She loves to hug my belly and talk to the Burrito.  She also asks every single morning if it is Christmas time yet because she just wants to get her hands on her sister.  She also pronounces her sister's name with a Boston accent and so it sounds more like "Hollow."  

Christmas will get here faster than she thinks.


  1. She looks so sweet! Just like her big sistah :) I hope she likes her quilt no matter how bad it turns out ;)

  2. I can't wait to meet Little Miss Harlow Rose! Love the name.


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