21 August 2012

dear burrito, week 22

Dear Burrito,

We have made it to 22 weeks, Little Miss H.  Woot!

Every Tuesday I get an email letting me know the milestones you have hit and your size.  It always starts out saying, You are X weeks old only have X more weeks to go.  Can I just say how good it feels to see that I have been pregnant with you for more weeks than we have left.  That means we are on the downward slope and soon we will all get to meet you!

Of course you are doing a great job of making yourself known already.  Your kicks have become very strong.  Daddy and Mabes can lay their hands on my belly and feel you.  Your sister thinks that this is both amazing and hysterical.  You move around a lot in the morning, any time I am in the car and every evening, especially between 11pm and 1am.

I went to the doctor yesterday to get a few questions answered about some problems I have been having.  They checked your heartbeat.  140 beats per minute.  I'll give you this, you are nothing if not consistent and steady.

One of my problems that I addressed with the doctor is a racing heartbeat/dizzy/ almost passing out thing I have had going on for about two weeks now.  The first time it happened I was at the gym on the elliptical.  I ended up falling off the machine and barely making it into the bathroom to splash cold water on my face before I had to sit down right there on the floor.  That was the worst episode.

With your sister I would have moments like that.  However, it was when I would try and lay on my back and she would smash down on my vena cava  and it made sense that it was happening.  With you it happens when I am standing up or even just sitting on the couch.  What is up with that?

The doctor seems to think it might be one of two things.  Either a blood sugar problem where I am getting too low or something with my heart.  I'm leaning towards the blood sugar option and so is the doctor.  To be safe, I have been told I am going to see a cardiologist though.  In the meantime I am trying to eat some sort of protein at every meal and eating a small healthy snack in between my three meals.  The biggest concern was that you are OK (and you are perfect).  As a bonus I have still been given the green light to go to the gym.  Which I need for both my mental and physical well being.

Every day your sister asks if it is Christmas yet.  She wants to meet you in the worst way.  I also get, "What is my sister doing right now?" about a dozen times a day.  Mabes is very interested in you.  She is constantly hugging my belly and talking to you.  It is fun to listen to her when she is talking to you.  "Hollow, this is your sistah.  I love you!  Can you hear me?"  The best is when you happen to kick at that moment and she thinks you are trying to talk back to her.

We have gone over things like developing lungs (why we need you to keep baking in my belly and can't just go to the doctor to have them take you out right this second), being fed through the umbilical cord (something Daddy also needed a refresher on) and generally what you look like and are doing as you grow.  It amazes me just how much your sister understands.  She and I are still working on understanding that my belly button is not a spy hole for you to look at the world through.  I can't tell you how many times Mabes has lifted up my shirt and jammed her eye against my belly trying to look back at you.

Last night someone posted a link to this video which Mabes and I have already watched twice this morning.
I ordered some new photos for the wall in the living room this week.  One frame is currently holding some filler  until I can hang up one of your precious newborn photos.  I have already started collecting props for our shoot.  There is a great etsy shop, ButterPieCreations, that a friend from church has.  She has graciously made you a giraffe hat at the request of your sister and an aviator hat and goggles at the request of your mother.  They are adorable and I am so looking forward to putting them on your little head.

I really do need to get better about recording our weeks and maybe even taking a few belly shots.  I'll probably regret having not done so later.  I need someone to hold me to it.

I love you sweet girl,

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