28 August 2012

first day recap

Mabes First Day of Preschool 8.27.2012
Yesterday was Mabes first day of preschool.  I tried to sneak into her room early in the morning to take one last picture of her sleeping.  She half woke up asked if it was still nighttime, rolled over and went back to sleep.  Major parenting fail on my part.
The morning of her first day of school 8.27.2012
When the time did come to get up she was full of excitement and happily got dressed and let me do her hair.  The dress she picked out is one that she has been eyeing all summer in her closet.  I bought it on sale in the spring and it is technically a size up from what she currently wears.  All summer I had to keep telling her everything on the top shelf was too big and she would have to wait.  Today was very important and I couldn't resist when she asked if she could PLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEE wear the pink dress.
First Day of Preschool #5
Dan's command let him skip PT this morning so that he could go with us to drop Mabes off.  Before we left we had to appease the Mama and do the obligatory first day photos by the porch.
First Day of Preschool #4
Even I stepped in to a picture.
First Day of Preschool #7
Mabes backpack was made by Gloria especially for her.  Earlier in the summer we had taken Mabes to Joann's and she picked out all of the fabric herself.  It is awesome!
First Day of Preschool #6
After the pictures we drove to school where I pulled the camera out for a couple of quick in the classroom pictures.  Mabes knew right where her seat was and went straight to it.  She was the first one there this morning.
First Day of Preschool #8
First Day of Preschool #10
When it was time for Dan and I to leave I gave the girlie a big hug.  We had already talked about it and had decided if she was nervous she could give me a huge hug and I would transfer all of my courage to her.  She must have been really nervous because she kept hugging me and didn't want to let go.

As we were walking out the door Mabes kept grabbing at our hands trying to get us to stay.  I'm not going to lie.  There may have been a minute where I had to keep myself from picking her up and running out to the car while screaming, "Well we tried.  Maybe next year.  Bye!" and peeling out of the parking lot at 90MPH.

However, right at that moment a little girl came up to Mabes nose to nose and asked her for her name.  Mabes told her and asked what the little girl's name was.  The girl told her, paused a second and then said, "I just know you are a fabulous princess."  Music to my girlie's ears.  That was all it took and off they went to read a book.

I knew the day would be a tough one for me.  I just underestimated how tough.  I woke up around 3am and started thinking about it and my stomach started to knot itself up and I got a little teary eyed.  I teared up again in the morning when I was making beds.  I vowed I would keep it together until after we left Mabes at school because I didn't want to scare her or worry her in any way.

We made it part way down the street on the way home before I started to cry.

I rallied after a few minutes.  Dropped Dan off at the house to get his truck and headed off to a doctor's appointment.  I was actually doing pretty good.  It was nice listening to the radio and not having to listen over someone talking in the backseat to themselves.

The worst was on the car ride home.  On the radio they started to play this song called Barbie Bandaids by the Isaacs because apparently the DJ wanted to reduce me to a blubbering mess on the side of the road.  We are talking crying so hard I had to pull over and managed to make myself physically sick.  The really, super ugly cry.  You all know what I am talking about.  Well played radio DJ.  I mean this is a Top 20 station, why were they playing something like this in the first place?  (Sweet song by the way, nothing against it.)

When I pulled myself together I came home and basically sat on the couch with my eyes glued to the clock just waiting until I could go get her.

I've heard that it gets easier.  I don't see how.

She was waiting for me in her classroom, just finishing her lunch sitting next to her very good friend (our backyard neighbor) who happens to be in the same class.  On the way home she went on and on about everything she did and how she learned all about sitting up straight.  It was precious and I soaked up every word.  When she came home she wanted to call her Daddy and tell him all about it.  We were both relieved it went so well.

It was a perfect first day for her and she is all ready to go back.  At first she thought it was like her ballet/tap class and only once a week.  When I explained she would be going five days a week, I thought her head might explode from the pure joy.  Too bad we couldn't bottle that up and use it when she is a high-schooler in the deep throes of teenage angst.

Internets, my girlie is growing up.

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