31 August 2012

four for friday

Today I thought I would share a few random things with all of you.  Mainly because at this point it is Friday and my brain is basically mush.

1.  Consequences for Little Hearts:  Great article, great ideas.

2.  A few weeks ago I took Mabes and myself to the eye doctor.  I hadn't been since before she was born and she had never gone.  It was time.  As usual the girlie was fantastic.  She did exactly what they asked her to do.  Even when it came time for the eye drops portion of the exam she just sat there and didn't cry.  Afterwards they gave her a pink, plastic elephant ring and these awesome disposable sunglasses.

3.  When Mabes was visiting my parents down in Georgia at Camp Gamma for a week, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure.  It had been over a year since I had one and my feet hurt all the time now.  The relaxation of the pedicure turned into the desire to do something else to make myself feel pretty.  (Pregnancy can tend to have the opposite effect....at least if you are me.)  So while on my pedicure high I walked into the salon next door to have my hair cut and styled.

I explained to the woman that this was a last minute decision and that I didn't really have a plan.  Having had my fair share and then some of bad haircuts, I know that it is best to give the hairdresser as much information as you can.  So I started by explaining that I always part my hair on the side, usually use little to no product and straighten it several times a week.  I also explained that my hair was fine, there was just a lot of it giving it the appearance of being thick.  I advised that one side of my hair naturally flips out while the other flips under and that it is naturally wavy in texture.  I also made it very clear that thanks but no thanks, I wasn't interested in layers.  At least not in the traditional sense.

One suggestion I made was to cut my hair shorter in the back and have it angle down in the front.  I made it clear that I needed to be able to pull my hair back when I went to the gym and that I didn't really want super short hair.  The woman told me that this was too high maintenance of a haircut and that she had a better idea involving.....layers.

This is the point in the story when looking back I should have thanked her for her time, stood up, grabbed my purse, and fled the shop like my life depended on it.  Instead I sat there and listened to her explain that she would trim up my split ends and then give me a few long layers.  All of which she assured me could be pulled back and that it would be very subtle.  Nothing too short.  I kept reiterating that I really thought I wanted the angled haircut and she kept steering me back to the layer idea.  So then I told her as long as the shortest layer was longer than my ear lobe, fine.  She agreed.

My thought was it is just hair, it will grow, how bad can it be if the longest layer is still past my ear and who knows maybe I would really like it.

She started cutting and immediately I felt that something was wrong.  I started to get anxious and kept saying, "This isn't too short, right?  You said only a few layers, right?  I need to pull it back remember."  She kept reassuring me and cutting.

When it was over I looked in the mirror and it was all I could do not to cry or throw a punch at the woman.  I felt sick.  She asked me to try and pull my hair back.  When I did it just slid right out of my fingers and fell into my face.  "No, I can't.  It's too short." I barely whispered still trying not to come unglued.  "Well that is how short that part is when you came in here," was her response.

WHAT?!  My hair was a simple single layer bob that went to my shoulders.  And now this is what it looks like:
photo 4-1
In case you can't see let me underline some of the more defined layers:
Yes, no need to adjust your screen.  That top layer is only about two inches long at best.

Needless to say I left the salon pretty upset.  I came home and was so embarrassed to show Dan the mess that was on my head.  When we went to pick Mabes up the next day I showed my Mom who could only say, "Oh no." and "Did this woman have an actual cosmetology license?"

I did end up going back to ask for my money back.  The manager was really sweet and not only refunded me but told me that she wouldn't let me leave until she fixed my hair because even she thought it was a total mess.  The fix is better, but not by much.  It is still impossible to pull my hair back other than with a clip right at the very top of my head.  I'm hoping that it will at least have grown to the point of being able to tuck it all behind my ears by the time the baby is born so I can have a few decent photos.

Needless to say I am on the hunt for a good salon and hairdresser still.

I don't want to end on such a bummer.  So one last thing for your viewing pleasure....

4.  I don't think there will ever come a day when I won't smile seeing this in the rear view mirror:
photo 3-3

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