29 August 2012

hump day videos

Cleaning out my phone I came across a couple of videos I thought I would share. One is from last weekend and one from the beginning of the summer.

From a birthday party this past weekend:
Dan leaned over while she was tapping the piƱata and said, "Glad to see all the t-ball practice is being put to good use."

I need to preface this next video by saying that quiet time for the better part of the summer was just a constant struggle.  Every single day Mabes would go into her room, happily play for about ten minutes and then lose her little mind.  During one such occasion I grabbed the phone and started videoing so that I could show her Daddy what it was like.
I'm just going to go ahead and drop down on my knees and once again thank God that around the end of July she suddenly decided that: 1. Quiet time wasn't so bad after all and 2. She would voluntarily put herself down for a much needed nap at least three days out of the week.

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