22 August 2012

my best girl, an impromptu photo shoot

Last week I had several photo shoots.  One of which was very early in the morning.  I brought Mabes along with me and since we were there ten minutes earlier than expected (due completely to lack of traffic) I thought I would do an impromptu photo shoot.
Mabes 2
She had so much fun walking around, stopping, turning to the camera and saying, "Now take my picture."
After I was done with my clients we started to head home when we passed a pretty pond with a gazebo in a local park.  I decided to pull over for just a few minutes.  It is hot and humid and totally miserable from about 9am until sundown around here (as evidenced by the girlie's crazy hair):

We didn't want to be out of the air conditioned car longer than we had to and five minutes later we were back in the car and headed down the road.
In those five minutes though I was able to capture some of my favorite photos of Mabes in a long time:
Mabes many faces
It really makes me stop and think when I see just how grown up she looks.  Then if I let myself, I start thinking about how school starts next week for her and I end up in a big puddle of hormonal tears.  So we just won't talk about that right now.

I also dragged us all out one evening in an attempt to get a good family photo.  Unfortunately the heat and humidity was absolutely miserable.  To top it off we were under attack by mosquitoes.  Needless to say the entire shoot lasted about five minutes before Dan and I decided to call it and try again another day.
Family Photos
(I hate that I forgot to hide the remote trigger in that bottom picture.  Whoops!)

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday.  I have already been busy helping Mabes with some "school work" (we have been practicing with workbooks for the last month or so), gone to the gym, and made some cookies.  Now it is time tackle cleaning the house and getting some photos edited.  I swear the to do list never ends!

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  1. oops...forgot to say...Mabry stop growing...where did these 5 years go??? I can't believe, either, how grown up she looks but she is as cute as ever, even with her "wild" hair. LOL


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