06 August 2012

the breaking point

Last week I broke down and called my Mom.  I told her about how I was quickly reaching the end of my sanity rope and had spent the majority of the previous week in tears.  I admitted that I needed a break.  This was a big deal for me because I don't usually ask for a break.  I feel like I decided to have kids, so I get all the good and bad that comes with it.  24/7, 365.  Only no one can live like that.  Thankfully she and my Dad agreed to meet us in Charlotte and took Mabes back to Camp Gamma/Gampa for the week.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

It was a glorious six days of quiet that I desperately needed.  This weekend we went to Georgia and picked her up.  She was excited to have us there as evidenced by this video I found on my phone this morning:
 I think my favorite part of the video is before I play it the way my phone streams it out almost frame by frame at the top.  All of those facial expressions, in under 15 seconds.  Crazy kiddo!
The Many Faces of Mabes
The Girlie is back with us now and we are loving every minute of the last bit of summer with her.  I seriously can't believe we are already getting ready to start back up ballet/tap class next week and school the following.

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