08 August 2012

wednesday link up

If You Got Good Credit You Can Be My Wife: I cannot believe I haven't seen this before now.

Name Popularity: 53% of the other Jessica's out there are in my age range.  I am more weirded out by the fact that 0.19% of Jessica's are male.

You'll Blow Your Eye Out: It amazes me our species has made it this far.  The slow motion is kind of interesting to see.  Make sure you read all about the video in the description.

Tell A Different Story:  I thought that this was a really good point.  We have been watching the Olympics with Mabes almost every night and I hate the way that NBC has covered it.

Speaking of the Olympics, I think that this is a fantastic idea:

Last but not least, when I saw these pictures on Pinterest I laughed out loud:

Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone!

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