13 August 2012

while watching the closing ceremonies last night

Me:  My hand keeps falling asleep.  It isn't just now either.  At night I wake up and constantly have to switch positions because of this. 

Dan:  Well, I'm sure it is because you have a lot of your blood flow going to your....um.....midsection. 

Me:  You mean my uterus? You can say uterus.  That is where your youngest daughter currently resides. 

Dan:  What?!  I thought that the baby lived in the placenta?

Me:  (horrified look wondering if he is messing with me)

Dan:  Or no.  Wait!  The baby lives in the sac! Doesn't the baby live in the amniotic sac? No! It's the cord. Wait. What the heck is the placenta for?

Me:  I can't believe I have two kids with you. 

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