11 September 2012

a mad tea party

Alice #6
When Mabes first brought up the Alice in Wonderland/Ballerina themed birthday party idea, I have to admit I wasn't sure how to combine the two.  Then I stumbled across a photo on Pinterest that provided the inspiration.

It would be easy enough to ask each of the girls we invited to wear a tutu, especially knowing if anyone didn't have one we had plenty to spare.  As for the birthday girl's outfit, I had to make something extra special.
Alice #1
Aside from grossly underestimating the amount of tulle it would take to make this tutu gown, it was a really easy project.  I just used the photo from Pinterest to get an idea of what to do and made my own modifications as I went.

The rest of the party was based around the Mad Hatter's tea party.  I figured our dining room table was the perfect place to host such an event.  I apologize for the next photo, apparently the only one I took of the entire table and ceiling from a distance was on my cell phone as I was trying to figure out the set up the night before.
Alice #2
I bought some playing cards from the Dollar Tree and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line along with some dollar paper globes from The Christmas Tree Shoppe and some pink paper swirls from the party store.

Alice #3
I wanted to have a few vases with roses in them on the table.  Dan had a good idea of buying white ones and then I mixed red acrylic paint and water so that Mabes could "paint the roses red."

Alice #4
I had picked up some mismatched teacups and saucers from Goodwill for $0.49/each and used those along with some teapots and cake stands I had on hand to set the rest of the table.

Alice #5
For the refreshments we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cream cheese/apple/bacon sandwiches (seriously, they are delicious) and cut them into rabbit and star shapes.  Mabes helped me make the birthday angel food cake, which I topped with crazy candles.  I also cut rice krispy squares into shapes resembling the Queen of Hearts card guards.  We had sweet tea and lemonade to drink.

Alice #8
The games I came up with were simple, but fun.  We did pin the grin on the cheshire cat and a game involving throwing sugar cubes into tea tins placed at various distances.

Alice #9
The birthday cake was our traditional angel food cake I make for every birthday.  Dan played the part of the Mad Hatter.

I already mentioned the favors in a previous post, but did promise better photos:
Alice #7
After the party I asked the birthday girl how it went.  She gave it her seal of approval with a big thumbs up and hugs for both me and her Daddy.


  1. You really do a good job at this party thing....know wonder I would let you take over for your sister's birthdays.

  2. Girl I want you to plan my 60th birthday. Oh wait, that was three years ago! I'm too old for that anyway:)) Looks like y'all had a blast!



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