10 September 2012

a whole hand old's worth of celebration

Last week was the girlie's 5th birthday.  Of course around here the celebration of a birthday is not confined to just 24 hours.  No, it is usually a week long event packed circus.

I may have mentioned that over Labor Day weekend we went to Pennsylvania.  (More on why we took the trip in the coming days.)  While there Mabes had her first "practice" party with Dan's family.  They blew out candles, went to Cracker Barrel and opened lots of gifts.  Her two favorites are Julie and  a stuffed unicorn named...Fairytale Unicorn.
Big 5 1
Why, you wonder is the unicorn named such a silly name?  If you ask a certain sassy 5-year-old she will probably put her hand on her hip and inform you that is what the tag said.  Then she will look at you like you are the crazy one.  Take my word for it.

That same weekend we also had a little party for her at my sister's house.  There was a special raspberry pie (the birthday girl's request) brought down from a bakery in Erie just for the occasion.  There were also more presents opened.
Big 5 2
Throughout the rest of the week we enjoyed indulging in all of the free birthday goodies that kept flooding my inbox.
Big 5 3
Thursday (her actual birthday) included a small party at school.  She picked out "pupcakes" in both chocolate and lemon/vanilla flavors, fruit punch and butterfly plates and cups to bring in.  Originally she wanted me to make unicorn shaped cookies, but I just didn't have the energy after everything else going on to search for a unicorn shaped cookie cutter or to try and freehand something.  Instead I used the Cameo, tooth picks and a little washi tape to create these toppers.  (My lack of energy also accounts for the store bought treats instead of homemade ones.)
Big 5 4
I did however do a little Googling before I gave up on unicorn cookies and came across what may be the best cookie recipe I have ever seen: Disco-Sparkly Unicorn Poop Cookies.

Mabes was happy and the school party was a success.  (I wasn't allowed to take photographs in the classroom for privacy reasons.)

We celebrated that night with a dinner party with our good friend, Jessie.  Mabes originally wanted to have spaghetti at home but changed her mind at the last minute and asked if we could go to her favorite restaurant, a local Mexican place we all love.  Dan had them sing to her and surprised her with fried ice cream.  She wasn't sure what to think about the sombrero that they put on her head.
Big 5 5
Her favorite gift was the LeapPad 2 we bought her.  It has only been a few days, but I have to say that it has been the best investment ever.
Big 5 6
Friday was all about resting and gearing up for the big party on Saturday.  Come back tomorrow to check out photos from the Alice in Wonderland/Ballerina birthday party.

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