03 September 2012

ballet and tap: year 2

Mabes is back for a second year of ballet and tap at the same school she went to last year.  We decided to stick her in the next level up.  The class is about 15 minutes longer than the old one and they jump right into working on the barre and teaching the girls terms.  It is much more serious than last year.  Mabes is 100% thrilled and looks forward to class every week.  
Ballet 1
Ballet 2
(All photos were taken on the very first day of class a few weeks ago.)

Now if only I could solve the mystery of how to hide her panties from sticking out of the bottom of her leotard and we would really be in business.

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  1. Oh the panty problem. We had this problem with Vail and gymnastics. I told her it was ok to not wear her panties. She did it once and then decided she didn't like that (fine by me). We put a little pair of shorts over her leotard and it has worked perfect. I don't know if you can do that in ballet but maybe one of those little skirts? She looks super cute btw.


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