04 September 2012

dear burrito, week 24

Dear Burrito,

You have been baking in my belly for 24 weeks, little one!  According to the email I received yesterday you are over a pound in weight and about as long as an ear of corn.  I believe it because every time you stretch I feel in all over.

You are still as active as ever.  The movements and kicks you do are getting very strong.  Sometimes you do something that feels similar to a barrel roll and it makes my stomach drop like when I am on a roller coaster.  It is a little bit disconcerting when I am standing perfectly still and it happens.  Most evenings and mornings I can lay there with my hand resting on my belly and feel you.  This past weekend we went to Pennsylvania and Aunt B, Uncle Spen and Gamma all got to feel you move too.  

Last night we reached another milestone.  Daddy and I were laying on the couch watching TV and I made a comment about how your sister thinks that she has actually seen my belly move before.  Just then you started doing your barrel rolls and Dadddy and I started watching my belly and sure enough we could watch you move.  It was awesome.

Your sister has been giving you lots of hugs every day.  The best is when you give her a kick in response.  You would think from her response that you had just given her 100 princess dolls.  That girl is head over heels in love with you.  Mabes talks to you all of the time.  Since she loves feeling you move she talks to the belly and tries to wake you up when I tell her you are sleeping.  Hopefully she doesn't do that when you are actually here.  Also, I hope that this is good training for you to learn to sleep through noise, because your sister...she doesn't stop talking.  EVER.  Mabes also announced that she is pregnant and even let her Aunt B feel "the baby" in her belly move (which was her pushing her belly out really quickly).

I worked on putting together a mobile for your nursery:
Your room is coming together and we are almost to the point of only missing the most important part, you.

I went to the doctor last week and everything is measuring right on track.  Daddy and Mabes came with me and we were all able to hear your heartbeat.  I have also been told by a lot more people that I look pregnant now.  There have even been a couple of strangers who have tried to touch my belly.  I told Daddy that I want someone to make me a t-shirt that says, "Hands off the merchandise."  

I am so excited for you to get here.  It is such a catch 22 because I want you to keep baking away for at least another 13 weeks and yet at the same time I want you here, in my arms right now.  

UGH.  9 months is such a long time to wait.  

Love you, 

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