12 September 2012

i'll be the smiling, motivational one

At the very end of February I was reading an Entertainment Weekly when I happened across a tiny little blurb about a 5K race that involved...zombies.  

I'm not going to lie, that little paragraph made me more than a little happy.  

As soon as I read it I ran straight up to the office where I immediately searched for the Run For Your Lives website, found the closest race on the best weekend based on Dan's scheduled and then informed him that we were doing this race.  Minutes later I was on the phone talking my sister (Betsy), brother-in-law (Sven) and Dan's brother (Zach) into joining us.  

Before I go any further, you can check out this video to get a better idea about what the race was all about.  Betsy and I actually watched them film part of this.  The reporter was hilarious the way he interacted with people.  

Did you happen to notice any familiar faces around the :30 and :35 second marks??

Let me tell you, the creepy roaring zombie at the beginning is even creepier in person.  I did my best to capture his roar on my cell phone:

Our race was in the Pittsburgh area and was done on a dirt bike track, so it was pretty rough and hilly terrain.  
When you initially sign up for the race you have two choices.  You can be a runner or you can be a zombie.  It is further broken down into zombies that are chasers and ones that are stumblers.  Betsy and I decided to be stumbling zombies and the boys decided to test their fates as runners.

They advised that as zombies you wanted to wear clothing that you didn't mind having destroyed.  I went to Goodwill and picked up two sets of scrubs so that Betsy and I could be zombie nurses.  They weren't kidding about having your clothing ruined.  One of the very first things they did was take a razor blade and slice up your outfit.  Everything we wore ended up in the trash by the end of the event.  Totally worth it, we had a lot of fun.

Also, fake blood is freezing cold and has the consistency of jelly and doesn't dry very quickly if at all.

Zombie 1
Top: 1.  Zombie sign leading us to the tent of make-up artists waiting to transform us.  2.  Betsy getting airbrushed.  3.  Several ladies came dressed in old prom dresses.  Bottom: 1.  Super creepy zombie guy who wore a suit and had no expression and scared everyone.  2.  Fake blood all over my arm.  3.  Zombie Betsy.

After they razored our outfits and put us through several different air brushing stops and applied some drippy fake blood we thought we were done.  Little did we know that the final part of the process was lining us up against a tarp lined fence and spraying us with mud front and back and then throwing fake blood all over us.  What a fun job fake blood throwing guy has:

Top:  1. Our runners (Dan, Zach and Sven) getting out their belts before the race.  2.  Dan's mohawk that he let me give him just for the race.  3.  The mud pit before the maze runners had to go through.  Bottom: 1. Sven's very crooked mohawk he gave himself.  2. The electric fence and muddy low crawl finish line.  3.  The boys wearing their metals. 
Top: 1. Betsy and I at 6am just arriving to be zombified.  2.  Bloody outfit.  3.  Extreme close up of my makeup.  Bottom:  1.  The zombie sisters.  2.  My bloody shoes.  3.  Displaying some of our kills (most of the flags went into a bag by our designated area, which was right outside the pitch black maze).  
Zombies 2
Top:  1.  Dan, Harlow and I.  Yes, I am proudly showing off my pregnant zombie belly.  2.  Me doing my best to look dead outside of the maze.  3.  Another close up of my makeup.  Bottom:  1.  Betsy checking out the maze.  2.  Betsy and Sven.  3.  The back of Betsy's scrubs.
Zombies 3
Top:  1.  Danger tape outlined the whole course.  2.  The field of zombies that was right across from our area.  3.  Dan napping on the way home.  Bottom:  1.  The race officials.  2.  Zombie Betsy.  3.  Zombie Jess.

This is my favorite photo from the whole day:
Zombie B

A few things I would like to note:

1.  I would love to do the race again.  Only this time I think I would like to try and be a runner.  Anyone want to join me?  It will have to be next year after Burrito makes her debut of course.  

2.  The drippy blood that they applied to our faces was really sticky and wet and kept dripping, especially once it got hot out.  

3.  Betsy is really good at looking like an emotionless zombie.

4.  The boys finished the race in under an hour.  Dan even managed to cross the finish alive with one flag.

5.  If you are a runner don't be a jerk and hide the flags under your shirt like some people did.  No one likes a cheater.  

6.  I signed up for the race before I knew I was pregnant and decided that as long as I stayed well hydrated and didn't get too aggressive the baby and I would be safe to still participate.  Plus Betsy did a good job of being my protector.  We made it out of the race unscathed.

7.  Betsy and I were literally the last zombies encountered on the race and by that point the majority of people were "dead/infected" with all their flags missing.  So we broke form a little bit and would high five the racers and tell them "good job" and "finish strong" and "welcome to the horde."  

8.  Even though I have seen enough Walking Dead to know that zombies are supposed to be expressionless and scary, I couldn't help but smile every time my picture was taken.  

For the record if the zombie apocalypse ever really happens I will be the smiling motivational zombie.  Please don't shoot me.

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like fun but I will not be participating with you next time. Too scary. I'm am a scardy cat.


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