07 September 2012

preparing for wonderland

This year for Mabes birthday party she had a simple theme in mind, Alice in Wonderland meets ballerinas.  I have to be honest with you, I really toyed around with the idea of just taking her out to dinner, getting her the biggest dessert on the menu, letting her tear into her gifts and calling it a day.  In the end my Mama guilt won out and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to let her have a birthday party.  Especially when she has finally reached an age where she has real friends to invite to the party.

The first thing I did was procrastinate for as long as possible.  Then I looked at my calendar at 10:00 at night, realized that I only had a two weeks to put this together and hurried up and made invitations in about 30 minutes.  

Basically I took some blank note cards I had on hand and printed the front with "You are Invited" in the Alice in Wonderland font.  Then I sent each of the cards through my Cameo and cut out Alice's head.  After that I printed up the information portion on some other scrapbook paper I had in my stash and cut it out with a pair of pinking sheers.  I adhered it to the note card using a glue stick.  For the final touch I also added a small piece of light blue vellum I found in my stash to the back of Alice with the glue stick as well.  Then it was a matter of addressing and stamping them all before calling the whole project done. 

It was only then that I realized I had forgotten to add a location on the invitation.  I decided that rather than try to steam the envelopes back open it would be just as easy to send a mass text out to the mothers letting them know I had a lapse in common sense and that they would be receiving invitations in the mail soon for a party and the location.

Then really it was done.  30 minutes.  Cross my heart.

Mabes was very excited to help with the next part of the party preparation.  For the favors I picked up some plain blue gift bags from Target.  Wanting to add a special touch I used the Cameo to once again cut out a silhouette of Alice on some card stock I had in my stash that I then glued to the bag.  We picked up the Alice in Wonderland books and Mabes inscribed each one with a thank you note to include in the bag.  Her current favorite candy is Reece's Pieces.  So we bought movie theatre size boxes to go in each bag.  We wrapped them in brown paper and I attached an "Eat Me" (like it says in the story) tag to each one (also cut out using the Cameo) and then added a twine bow.  I used the Cameo to cut out the words "Wear Me" into some scrap card stock.  I used that to seal the baggies filled with hair clips I had purchased from Pick Your Plum several months ago.  The final touch was to tie up each bag using personalized ribbon I had also purchased through Pick Your Plum in anticipation of Mabes having a party.  I also purchased mugs (I looked all over for tea cups, but came up empty handed) for each of the girls to decorate and take home at the party.
Since taking these photos (all with my phone, sorry for the yucky quality) I realized that I also added tags with each girl's name on them to the bags.  I'll just have to save the final favor bag photos for when I show you the party pictures.  

There you have it.  Last minute party preparation. 

Have a great weekend all!  

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  1. Ummm...AWESOME! You need to teach me how to do these things with my cricut. They are kind of the same right? Wish we could come. Looks like it is going to be so fun.


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