13 September 2012

surprise picnic shower

A sweet friend from church, Charla, is expecting her third little girl in just a few weeks.  Another friend, Becca, and I decided to throw Charla a surprise baby shower.  Charla had mentioned once before that she had wanted a picnic themed party and so we took that idea and ran with it.

Originally the plan had been to host the picnic (co-ed) on Labor Day.  Things had to be changed and rearranged and we ended up moving the party to the same day as Mabes birthday party.  Because I am insane and thought it would be easy to do back-to-back parties.  While it was lots of fun, my feet and back and belly were killing me by the end of the night. 

There are all kinds of little details that I totally forgot to take photos of.  I was a little scatter brained and running around trying to make sure we took down all things Alice and put up all things picnic.  Many thanks to our friends Lori and Justin who were at both parties for all of their help and to Becca who came right after Mabes party to help set up.

Becca was in charge of all of the baking.  She is a fantastic cook and needs to take Mabes under her wing.  In addition to these chocolate cupcakes, there were also vanilla ones with red sprinkles and icing.  I used washi tape and toothpicks to make all of the little pendant toppers.  
Charla's Baby Shower 9.8.2012
Becca also made homemade cinnamon and sugar popcorn for people to snack on.  Aren't the little cones and the cupcake wrappers that Becca made cute??
Charla's Baby Shower #2
The weather was anything but predictable the day of the parties.  We decided to be cautious and set up everything near the garage rather in the backyard as we had originally planned.  The new baby is going to be named Larue and so I put together the little Larue's Picnic sign and also sewed the pennant banner you see on the back of the canopy.  
Charla's Baby Shower #7
We kept the centerpieces really simple.  The little red and white cake stands were just a couple of dollars from the Christmas Tree Shoppe, I picked them up a couple of years ago.  Becca used the shell of the watermelons she had bought for the fruit salad to make vases.  CUTE!!
Charla's Baby Shower #6
We put electric fans up in the garage to help keep it cool.  We also had watermelon fans (they were shaped like slices) set out for people to use.  
Charla's Baby Shower #5
For the kids we put down quilts on the porch and had a bunch of oversize coloring books and crayons for a coloring station.  We also painted cans and strung them up.  Originally we had planned to put candles in the cans, but because of the rain we decided not to worry about the candles.  
Charla's Baby Shower #9
We also had a water gun station.  One bucket was filled with water guns from the dollar tree and the other had water for the kids to submerge the guns and refill them as needed.  
Charla's Baby Shower #10
I didn't take photos of the lawn twister Dan had spray painted in the yard, the ring toss game and the burlap sack races.  For the races we bought some dowels and took some of the red pennants had sewn and tied it to them to make a start and finish line.  

I also forgot to take a picture of Charla getting to Facetime with her husband (who is deployed) during the party too.  Also, I forgot to pick the camera up and take photos once the party was in full swing and we had 40-50 people playing and visiting and celebrating this sweet family and their newest little one.

For the thank you/take home gift Becca made the most heavenly sugar cookies.  Shaped like watermelon slices.  I made little tags.  How cute are they??  We also used the painted roses on the table for a little more color.  
Charla's Baby Shower #3
I didn't think to take a picture of the actual cookies.  Maybe because I was too busy eating the few that were left behind.  You can sort of see them in this picture through the bag:
Charla's Baby Shower #4
All in all it was a crazy, busy day, but a lot of fun.  


  1. You are amazing and that is all I'm going to say about that! :)


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