30 October 2012

dear burrito, week 32 (with pictures!)

Burrito Baby Bump Week 30 10.18.2012
Dear Little Miss Burrito,

We went last week on Daddy's birthday for your final ultrasound.  We were all excited to see you.  You decided that rather than show us your pretty little face you would jam yourself as far up against the side of my uterus as you could.  Then for good measure you put your fist square in the middle of your face.  The tech thought she could outsmart you and at least get us a good profile picture of you.  You put your other fist up near the side of your face and shoulder and wouldn't budge.  Apparently someone is into surprises and wants us all to wait until your big arrival to see what you look like.  

Dramatic Diva much?

That's OK.  At first we were a little disappointed.  I started thinking about it and we never had a 3D ultrasound of your sister and we all lived.  Plus, in a way I wish I could have been surprised with your gender...but since that wasn't really an option as far as preparing for you went, being surprised by your features is the next best thing.  

We did get some awesome 3D photos of your fist and foot.  
Burrito 10.26.2012 #2 (3D of hand)
Burrito 10.26.2012 #3 (3D of foot)

Your sister said you only have four fingers and three toes.  We need to get her some math lessons (even though it does sort of look like you have three toes).

You are estimated to weigh about 3 pounds, 12 ounces.  Which puts you in the 43rd percentile for weight.  I am a little confused by this because according to BabyCenter you should be a little less than three and a half pounds.  One would think that weighing more than what you should would put you in a higher percentile.  All I know is I may have gotten a little teary in the doctor's office because I may have started to worry that I am dooming you for a lifetime of obesity problems.  (And you thought I had possibly gone a week with keeping my hormones in check.  Ha!)  I also may have been a little upset because the nurse had me step on a scale and 27 pounds of weight gain with at least five to seven weeks to go isn't exactly what I wanted to see.  Also, your Daddy looked at how much I weighed and laughed.  Someone needs to inform boys that you NEVER look at how much a girl weighs and if you do then certainly DON'T LAUGH/SMILE/MAKE ANY INDICATION YOU SAW WHATSOEVER.  I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

You have lots of fluid to swim around in.  However you are already in the head down position and the doctor said that will probably be how you remain in the coming weeks.  Your bottom is smooched into my upper right side with your feet stretched out to the left.  Basically you look like a sideways L inside my belly.  Hope you are comfortable.  

Your heart, belly, spine and brain look great.  They did not see the cord around your neck, which was also awesome news.  You had a heart rate of 154, which was a surprise.  You have consistently been at 140 or 141bpm since the very first time anyone checked, with the exception of once.  I know you move around a lot, but are you starting some sort of strenuous workout routine that I don't know about??

Really the only area of "concern" was that you are measuring a little small.  At least in terms of your femur and humerus bones.  The doctor, Daddy and I all agreed that you are fine and that we have nothing to worry about, at least for now.  A Dad who is 5'3" and a Mom who is 5'2" equals babies who are honorary members of the Lollipop Guild upon birth.  Your sister came into this world at just over 17" as did I.  We aren't worried in the least you are measuring small.  Actually, I think if you were measuring on the larger side we would be more concerned.  What would we do with a giant?  I mean besides having you grab things that are up high in the cupboard instead of dragging a chair over so that I can climb on the counter to reach things.  The doctor did say that she would schedule a follow up ultrasound if at the next appointment it appeared that my belly wasn't growing the way it should.  You just keep doing what you are doing.
Burrito 10.26.2012 (face)
We also scheduled your c-section.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have an end date on the calendar.  On one hand, I love feeling your little kicks and movements and knowing that you are busy growing and being safe and doing exactly what you are meant to right now.  On the other hand, I also want to hold you and see you and kiss your little face and hands and feet.  I guess what I am saying is I am ready for you to be here.  I know you aren't ready and so I will be patient and wait. 

We have an end date, Little Miss, which will be here sooner than we think.  Please no dramatic entrances into the world though, OK?

I love you,

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