19 October 2012

if at any point it starts to weird you out, whistle

Let's start with the good news.  Mabes seems to be acting much better since becoming possessed by a demon.

The bad news, the demon has migrated to my computer.  My computer who has worked flawlessly for over two and a half years.  We are talking freezing up, the inability to open programs or empty the trash, "seizures" that pretty much result in a rapidly blinking screen.  All in all really good times.  Especially when you have three photo shoots worth of pictures to edit.  

I spent one day on the phone with tech support for over five hours.  FIVE.  We erased everything on the computer and reinstalled the operating system no less than three times.  Still the problem persisted.  Then I ended up driving the hour and forty five minutes to the nearest Apple store to have them physically take a look, determine the hard drive was shot and replace it.  Which also meant spending almost an entire day waiting around for the computer to be fixed so I would not have to make another trip to the store and back.  Only when I came home and plugged the computer in the demon was still there in the form of seizures.  

Currently I am back on hold with Apple trying to determine what other parts could be going bad.  If it is possible to just replace the stupid thing.  Or maybe get it a one way ticket to the moon??  All the while I am daydreaming about a field, a baseball bat and this stupid computer ala Office Space:
On the plus side the tech support guy who I spent five hours on the phone with the other day and I became very good friends.  He was entertaining to say the least.  At the beginning of the conversation I was warned that he did have a tendency to say random things that popped into his mind.   By the time we were hanging up all of the following had happened.  (I had a piece of paper I was doodling on while waiting for the operating system to load and I started to write down some of his funny musings.)

-he spoke to me using only the Batman voice for about 20 minutes
-he quoted whole scenes from Despicable Me, Austin Powers, Clueless and Disney cartoons
-I discovered his deep love for Cinnabon 
-he declared us "besties"
-he informed me that, "If this was a care contest, [he]'d win."
-he told me that I needed "a thousand hugs and a high five" for all the computer trouble
-he was very interested in knowing exactly when I started showing with Burrito vs Mabes
-he compared sucking your thumb to making hand gumbo in your mouth
-we discussed at great length the crazy seriousness that some people have towards super hero movies
-we also decided that if punching the Hulk makes him more angry and thus stronger the best defense would be to cuddle him to death

As of right now I am still in the exact same position I was in at the beginning of the week.  Minus my new bestie and a vast knowledge for the various ways to erase a hard drive and reinstall various components and operating systems, of course.  I'm really hoping that Apple figures out the problem and actually fixes it soon.  It is stressful knowing I have work do to and no way to do it and that there are people depending on me to get it done.

Ps.  The title of the post was a direct quote from my tech guy from the beginning of our conversation.  

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