08 October 2012

my life is currently a circus and i am just a dancing bear

How is that for a blog post title?

I know that I have been M.I.A. for awhile.  Things have been busy, then crazy, then completely out of control, and back to crazy again over the span of two weeks.  To say that I am a big ball of stress would be an understatement.  Especially because I don't really resemble a big ball as much as I do the broad side of a barn.  Seven months of pregnancy will do that to a person.

I have spent more time in and out of the hospital for friends and Mabes in the last week and a half that I debated about just hijacking one of the beds in an empty room and moving in.  My friend had a baby and all is well with her.  Mabes has been having some major bowel problems that have been a real source of concern.  We have had X-rays and lab work done, but no results have been given yet.

This past weekend I took Mabes out of town to see her Daddy who is currently taking a class a few hours from here.  Before anyone gets any ideas (I'm looking at you creepy weirdo who is reading this post right now) just know I have a security system, a baseball bat, a few other various weapons (wouldn't want to spoil all of the surprises, now would I?), an extremely bad temper and a healthy dose of no fear whatsoever of going to prison to protect my kids.  Enter my house and mess with me at your own risk.  

We hadn't gone too far from home when she started to complain that she needed to go to the bathroom.  So we pulled over in a Chick Fil A and went.  I decided since we were there that I would go ahead and get us some waters and a milkshake.  Mabes insisted that she didn't want anything (very unusual for her).  While I was placing my order she started to cry like she had been hurt.  I knelt down and asked her what was wrong and before she could say anything she threw up.  All down the front of herself and onto the floor.  This is the first time she has ever gotten sick.  Immediately she started to cry.  I felt terrible because I wanted to scoop her up and comfort her but she was covered in vomit and well...gross.  Then it became an internal game of tug-of-war.  Do I grab napkins and start cleaning up the floor while my vomit covered kid stands there and cries?  Do I rush her to the bathroom to clean her up and calm her down?  Do I find a way to magically clone myself and get it all done at once?

Thankfully the guy behind the counter was super understanding and told me to just tend to her, that he would take care of the floor.  For the record I felt terrible that I had to have him clean up but also totally grateful that he understood and let me take care of my kid.

After getting all cleaned up and changed (yay for a suitcase full of clothes in the trunk!) we were back on the road.  I had given Mabes a large cup and told her if she felt sick she needed to tell me so I could pull over but that if she didn't think she could make it to use the cup.  The power that came with even mentioning being sick went straight to her head.  She enjoyed threatening me and having me pull over only to say, "Never mind, Mama."  Thankfully the Chick Fil A episode was the only one where she actually got sick.

We finally made it to the hotel around dinner time.  Dan and I took Mabes to a restaurant where she refused to eat anything.  We finally talked her into a plain baked potato of which she took two bites before she started to cry hysterically that her belly hurt.  We took her out to the car to take her back to the hotel and as soon as Dan set her in the car seat she started screaming wildly.  Her belly was rock hard and she was in obvious pain.  Dan decided enough was enough and we were taking her to an ER.  Both of us thought she was probably dealing with an appendicitis.

Two and a half hours in the ER and a raspberry Popsicle later we discovered that the root of the problem is something still to be determined and aggravated by a UTI.  Poor kiddo.  The good new is she didn't require major surgery.  The bad news is we still have no idea what is going on.

Hoping tomorrow might bring some answers with it.

For now I am off to crochet 50 flowers for an upcoming event this weekend at church, clean out the pantry and reorganize the cupboards.  Did I mention that the need to nest has really kicked in??

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  1. All I can say is Bless your heart. (I did laugh-- just a little). Hope sweet Mabes gets answers soon. I will not be creeping around your house at night any time soon!



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