29 October 2012

pumpkin carving 2012

I have a confession to make.  We aren't really all that big on Halloween around here.  Mabes is not a fan.  In fact, the entire holiday scares her.  She would prefer to forgo trick-or-treating and instead spend her time inside the house (in a princess costume), watching a movie with the shades shut tightly.

Every holiday can't be a favorite and I am OK with Halloween being at the bottom of our list.  However, one thing that Mabes looks forward to every year is carving a pumpkin with her Daddy.  
Pumpkin Carving #11
This year we picked up a large pumpkin and several smaller pumpkins.  The plan was that while Dan was busy with the knife doing the carving, Mabes could use some of my paints to decorate the little ones.  She thought that this idea was "magical."
Pumpkin Carving #10
She was also very entertained at how many different colors she was able to change the water as she dipped her paint brush in it:
Pumpkin Carving #3
Living in a warm climate like we do means our pumpkins tend to mold faster, so we try to prolong the carving for as long as possible.  When the day finally came she could hardly contain her excitement.

This year she really wanted her Dadda to make a pumpkin face that was chewing on a smaller pumpkin.  The thing is Dan already did that a few years ago:
Carved pumpkin #2
(Does anyone else find it ironic that the girl who is terrified of all things Halloween/Spooky/Scary likes the pumpkin chewing on another pumpkin face?!)

Instead she went with a Frankenstein themed pumpkin.  I found the stencil on a Better Homes and Gardens link from Google.  It was free and Dan approved.  Frankenstein for the win.  
Pumpkin Carving #18
When the time came to clean out the pumpkin Mabes realized how slimy it was and hesitated.  She tried picking out one or two seeds at a time before relenting and really digging in to clean it out.  
Pumpkin Carving #16
Pumpkin Carving #12
She was also in charge of placing the pumpkins where she wanted on the porch.  I think she did a good job:
Pumpkin Carving #17
I made them pose with their creations and of course Miss Mabes had to make as many different facial expressions as possible:
Pumpkin Carving #21
Pumpkin Carving #9
Pumpkin Carving 10.25.2012
Did you carve pumpkins this year?  


  1. Looks like fun. You both are good parents and these will be things that Mabry will remember.

  2. cute pumpkins!!!! even cuter girlie :) hope you are feeling well. thinking of you often :)


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