11 October 2012

the lazy way out

I had grand plans to share more photos from our little weekend trip.  But as life has a way of doing, things got a little crazy today and time has run out.  I'm just a little on the exhausted side and rather than try and stay up to upload photos and type up a story about our trip to the aquarium, I have decided to take the lazy way out with a link list.

We Give Books: A great way to read books.

Love Story in 22 Pictures:  I'll admit it, my hormones once again got the best of me and I was a little teary eyed looking at these photos.

Halloween Candy Buyback Program: Halloween is not one of the top holidays around here.  Especially this year.  Mainly because Mabes is scared to death of all the creepy, spooky decorations and costumes and because I don't really want all that tempting candy sitting around the house after the 31st.  My waistline is growing rapidly enough these days, I don't need anymore help in that area.  Thankyouverymuch.  This is a great program that benefits children and military.  Worth checking to see if there is a dentist in the area who is participating in the program.

Boyfriend Doesn't Have Ebola...Probably: After spending so much time in the hospital lately, this really struck me as hilarious.

First World Problems Aren't Problems: Seriously.

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