22 October 2012

the noc

Dan is back from his month long class at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in western North Carolina.  Mabes and I are glad to have him home.  Burrito seems excited too and has a tendency to perk up and move around a lot when she hears her Daddy talking.

In other good news, we have finally solved my computer issues.  By "we" I mainly mean Dan and myself.  Not that it matters.  Bottom line: computer is working and Dan is home.  Hooray!  It is only Monday morning and things are shaping up to be a very good week already.
NOC 10.7.2012
A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to take Mabes to go visit Dan at the NOC.  I briefly talked about our trip here.  While we were there they had a rafting competition going on.  We saw a few people actually going through the course while we ate at the restaurant on the water.  When I went outside to take photos, the course was empty while everyone took a break for lunch.
NOC #11
NOC #13
We also had a little bit of time to drive around the gorge and check out the changing leaves on the trees.  Beautiful just about sums it up.
NOC #7
NOC #8
We saw the train winding through the mountains as well.  If we would have had more time it would have been a blast to take Mabes on it.  I am hoping we have an opportunity soon to take her on a train ride.
NOC #10
I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is starting off as well as ours is.  I also hope we are all able to keep the momentum going and finish the week out just as good.  

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  1. Love your pictures Jess. Glad Dan is home and all is well.



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