15 October 2012

what we have been up to

This weekend was the annual Ladies Day event at our church.  It turned out awesome.  However, the days leading up to the event were a little less awesome and a little more crazy.  My friend Becca was in charge of putting the whole thing together and Mabes and I did the best we could to help her in any way we could.

Which meant that since Thursday we have:
-helped bake 150 loaves of pumpkin bread and wrap them and add thank you tags
-helped crochet 150 flowers (thanks Gloria for contributing a bunch of them all the way from Georgia to help us out) and then glue buttons and pins on them
-cutout tablecloths for 18 tables
-decorate the church
-cook lunch for 150 women
-photograph the event

Also in that time I threw in a photo shoot for an adorable 4 month old girl, a field trip with a bunch of preschoolers to a corn maze/farm and a babysitting/sleepover with a 2 and 3-year-old.  Because you know, I like to walk on the borderline insane when it comes to my sanity.

Needless to say  I am a little worn out and my brain is a little fried.  The goal is to have some actual photos and stories to share on here tomorrow.

For now, I'm all about the sleep.

Ps.  Did anyone watch Felix Baumgartner's jump from the edge of space?  I have been looking forward to this jump for a few weeks now.  It was amazing!  Also, talk about bravery.  Just thinking about having to do anything like this makes my palms sweaty. (It gets really good around the 3 minute mark.) 

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