27 November 2012

dear burrito, week 36

Dear Burrito,

Week 36!  Next week you are considered full term.  Woo hoo!  I'd do a happy dance if I could, but right now it would be more like a happy waddle than anything else.

Yesterday Daddy and I went to the doctor's to have you and I checked out.  Daddy was able to meet the doctor who will hopefully be delivering you.  She answered a bunch of my questions and made me feel a teeny tiny bit better about the whole having you thing.  (That's all I am going to say about the anxiety this week...I'm kind of sick of talking about it and I know that it is upsetting some people.)  You had a good strong heartbeat and the doctor said that everything looked great.  I'm not dilated or anything, which means you will probably still be cooking for a little while.

I'm OK with the whole you continuing to cook.  Daddy is going to be gone next week and even though your Gamma and Gampa are going to come and stay with us just in case, I'd rather you just hang in there and wait for Daddy to be here.

Highlights from this past week include:

My lap no longer exists:
Lack of Lap
Your sister hates this because she loves to cuddle and sit on my lap.  She squishes herself against the two of us and rubs my belly (she says she is rubbing your back), but it is getting more and more difficult.  The most annoying part for me is that I can only move the seat back so far in the car to fit the belly and steering wheel while still being able to reach the pedals.  You'll understand this someday because I'm guessing you are going to be short like the rest of us.

My feet have started to swell really badly.  The day before Thanksgiving I was cooking all afternoon with your sister and by the time I was ready to go to bed they looked like this:
Wed before Thanksgiving Swollen
By the time I woke up in the morning after having kept them propped up on some pillows all night they looked like this:
Thanksgiving Swollen Feet
Ouch.  It was so painful to walk around the house.  They weren't much better on Friday either.  Thankfully Saturday I woke up to normal feet and ankles (I have ankles!) and have managed to keep it that way since.  I think the fact that I am drinking water like someone who has spent the last 40 days in the desert and trying to remind myself to rest is what is really helping.  I wish I could say the same for my hands.  They hurt all the time as well.  Simple things like gripping the steering wheel or sending a text message (not at the same time) are painful.

Whenever I get frustrated about a task being more difficult or painful I try and imagine your face and then it is hard to be upset.  Make no mistake, little one, you are totally worth it.

Sisterly Love
I've already mentioned that Mabes is bound and determined to continue to cuddle on my lap no matter how big you get.  She thinks is it hysterical you are the size of a melon.  We put up the Christmas tree this past weekend and she was beyond excited.  I mean sure there is the whole Santa, awesome holiday movies, cookies and all of that...but the Christmas tree going up means BABY SISTER IS ALMOST HERE!  Her excitement almost electrifies the air.  She cannot wait to meet you.  Every day she comes up with something else she wants to teach you, show you, read to you, play with you, or help you with.  You are lucky to have a big sister like that.  

Mabes also has the whole older sibling boss thing down.  I promise Daddy and I are trying to break the habit now.  It is going to be an uphill battle.  Trust me, as a bossy big sister I know.  When you move around in my belly sometimes it is very uncomfortable (did I mention we are rapidly running out of room in there?).  When your sister sees me flinch she immediately goes nose to belly and demands that you "Stop hurting our Mama right now.  Do you hear me?!"  Good luck, you are going to need it.

One last photo to share that made my week.  My good friend, Dana, texted me a photo her daughter, sweet Baby Norah, drew of me:
N's Photo of Jess
Baby Norah is only two but I think she did a really accurate job of capturing exactly what I feel like these days.  I love it and want Dana to send it to me so I can frame it.  

Three weeks from tomorrow at most until we finally meet.  Hang in there.

I love you,

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