05 November 2012

halloween wrap up

On Halloween the preschool Mabes goes to hosted a party.  She was really excited about the whole thing.  I am sure that a large part of the excitement had to do with the fact that her entire class is made up of all little girls (with the exception of one lone little boy) who would, no doubt, be dressed up as some sort of a princess.  Mabes decided to be Sleeping Beauty.  This made me excited because I had to do all of nothing to get her costume together because her dress up drawer already had everything we would need.
Halloween #8 Sleeping Beauty
Adding to the excitement was my willingness to let her wear a little bit of my eyeshadow, face powder and lip gloss.  
Halloween #6
When I picked her up later that day she was overly excited to show off all of her treats from the party.  I believe every parent at the school donated something making for an abundance of all things sweet and Halloween related.  (Side note: I hate her bangs in this next photo.  We are trying to grow them out and aside from pinning them back with a bow I don't know how to keep them out of her face.  Suggestions?)
Halloween candy from her preschool party 10.31.2012
As I have said before Mabes hates Halloween.  I wasn't sure what her plan was as far as trick-or-treating went.  Honestly there was a large (lazy) part of me that sort of hoped she would want to stay home and watch a movie with the shades shut tightly as we have done in years past.  Especially because she had already managed to bring home all of the loot from her school party as well as from our church's trunk-or-treat held earlier in the week.  The trunk-or-treat was Noah's ark themed.  Once again the dress up stuff came in handy and I was able to make her into a wolf with almost zero effort:
Trunk or Treat at Church dressed as a wolf for the Noah's ark theme 10.28.2012
We certainly didn't need any more candy in the house.

The girlie surprised me when she not only told me that she wanted to trick-or-treat, but that she seemed excited about the whole prospect.  Again, the lazy pregnant woman in me wanted to try and convince her to stay home.  But remembering that there are only a limited number of years that she will have the chance to trick-or-treat won out and I decided to take her.  Not wanting to go alone I asked my good friend, Jessie, if she would be willing to walk with us around her neighborhood.

Sleeping Beauty did great.  She wore her little chem light necklace for safety.  (She also lectured me about needles being hidden in candy and about doing my job as candy inspector on the way to Jessie's house.)  Every house she went to she was polite and made sure to thank the people.  Best of all she didn't argue when I made her put on her sweater over her dress to keep warm.  
Halloween #5
Halloween #7

Growing up in Pennsylvania I can remember that our costumes every year had to be large enough to fit over a snowsuit or several layers of thermal underwear because you never knew.  I digress...

I forgot to grab my real camera.  Which meant that Jessie and I were left to document the night with our camera phones.  Most of our pictures were taken by her front door after we came back to do the candy inspection and have some hot cocoa.  Her adorable trick-or-treat bag was made by my very talented Aunt Vail and everyone loved it.

That was our Halloween 2012 in a nutshell.  I am excited to see what happens next year when we have two little ones to take around.  

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  1. Her Halloween Pumpkin looks like it is sagging...she must have gotten a large haul that night.


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