15 November 2012

my mind has left the building

Y'all I have officially lost it.  I'm sure many of you have heard of pregnancy brain before.  If not, check out the link, I'll be here when you get back.

With Mabes I had pregnancy brain for sure.  Luckily it really didn't flair up until midway through my second trimester and it wasn't terrible.  This time I am pretty sure I have had it since day one and it has progressively gotten worse.

So many times I will be talking to someone and can't remember what words I need to use.  Or worse midway through a sentence I'll forget what I am talking about altogether.  Seriously, who does that?  I tend to misplace things or to think of something only to forget all about it until a week later unless I immediately write it down.

Yesterday was the final straw.  As I have mentioned before I am itching to kick Christmas into high gear, especially knowing that very little will probably be accomplished once Burrito shows up.  At least for the first week or two.  I mean who cares at that point if the lights are on the tree, did you see the adorable newborn and have you snuggled with her yet? 

Dan is very much against decorating or doing anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving.  I get it, really I do and on any other given year I would totally be right there with him.  Have I mentioned one of our neighbors already put up their outside Christmas lights and have them on every night?  Dan was not happy the night we pulled into the neighborhood and saw that.  Since I can't put the tree up yet I have tried to do Christmas related things behind the scenes.  The other morning I decided that I would get a jump start on wrapping Christmas presents.  I made myself a mug of hot chocolate, pulled everything out into the living room (Mabes was at school) and got to work.

As I was wrapping I came upon a Leapster game for Mabes' LeapPad.  I couldn't remember purchasing it but figured whatever, obviously I had.  I wrapped it up, added it to the pile of gifts that were ready to go and moved on.

Later that afternoon Mabes was playing with her LeapPad and I casually asked her what games she had.  It had been bothering me that I didn't remember getting that Leapster game.  She rattled the game titles and I was certain that one of them was the game I had just wrapped a few hours before.  In other words, not only did I forget all about buying the game but I had bought it twice.

After I put Mabes to bed that night I pulled out the wrapped presents and unwrapped the game.  Turns out I didn't buy it twice.  I wrapped an empty, already opened case.  Can you imagine the look on the girlie's face had she opened up an empty case on Christmas morning?  Seriously, I have totally lost my mind.


  1. A lot of what you mentioned (especially 3rd paragraph) applies to me and I'd better NOT be pregnant!!! The present thing made me think of the Christmas that Bob got a pound a peg and I think it was you that got a nice new flashlight. Aunt Beth was responsible for that (I think). I will never forget the look on Bob's face when he opened that gift:)

    Hang in there

  2. hahahaha! how funny! i am a believer in pregnancy brain! my two lowest moments are proof. I was freaking out when i was pregnant with charley kate b/c i couldn't find my cell phone ANYWHERE!!! i was telling billy....while i was talking to him on it.
    but even worse than that was when i was preggo with molly beth. we were about to walk out the door. i was trying to put on suzannah's shoes.....ONTO ME!!! i unVELCROED them! and TRIED. TO. PUT. THEM. ON!!!! it didn't strike me that i was trying to wear my two year old's shoes until.....they. didn't. fit. seriously?
    it's for real. i would like to encourage you and tell you that it comes back.....but i'm still waiting! ;)
    love you and am so excited for you


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