09 November 2012

ready for the weekend

Dano's 32nd Birthday at the Mash House Fayetteville, NC 10.26.2012
There isn't much to blog about today.  Mabes and I are busy cleaning the house and getting ready because this weekend Dan comes home.  Which should actually read, I'm cleaning and she is laying on the couch still resting from her plague.  He has been gone for six out of the last seven weeks to various places for work, with the most recent being a trip for two weeks to Hawaii.  We are so ready to have him home with us.  Daddy coming home is a hot topic with Mabes.  Even Burrito is excited.  As I type this she is busy dancing around in my belly in what I can only assume is anticipation of hearing her Daddy's voice.  

Anyhow, I'll be back Monday.  Until then have a great weekend.    

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