01 November 2012

the maternity session

First of all, can I just let you all know how excited I am to be able to finally type the words: Burrito will be here next month.  Seriously.  We are down to our final weeks.  (Single digits---hooray!)  

Now back to my regularly scheduled post...

Last week I finally broke down and did a maternity session for myself.  I was not planning on doing one.  Partly because I didn't do one with Mabes and didn't really see the need to do one this time around and partly because I hate getting my picture taken.  I need to learn to be better about that.  I know that being in the photos is going to be important to my family (especially my children and grandchildren) someday.  Plus, this is probably going to be the last little baby that grows in my belly and so I want to savor all of the little moments.  

Since Dan was home and the weather was actually warm and sunny we figured that we had better jump on the chance.  We literally made the decision to take photos about a minute after we finished carving pumpkins.  In the spirit of keeping things simple, I went with jeans and solid color shirts for everyone and decided to drive to a park that is only a few minutes down the road.

Maternity Session #3
I know the shoes/feet picture has been done a million times before...but I have to admit I was super excited to finally get to do one for my little family!

Mabes enjoyed getting in on the action and hamming it up in photos.  She was also very happy and impressed that I put one of my flower pins in her hair and so we matched.  Whatever works.  
Maternity Session #10
Maternity Session #11
We tried to take a few shots from "above" of the belly.  Dan ended up standing on the side of a rather steep hill while I sat towards the bottom trying not to tip over.  
Maternity Session #9
Not helping the situation was my deep dislike of having my photo taken (read: unable to have a natural smile when a camera is aimed at me) while Mabes was busy making these faces next to her Daddy:  
Maternity Session #1
Thus causing me to start nervous laughing, which turned into uncontrollable laughing, which almost led to me wetting my pants (thankfully that was avoided), which led to Dan laughing, which just created a big mess.  At least we were able to get a couple of good shots in on the hillside.

I set up the tripod and the remote shutter so that I could take a few family photos.  We also let Mabes have the remote so that she could take some photos of Dan and I as well.  She loved pressing the button and taking photo after photo.  Yes, her jeans are too big for her so there is a purple polka dot underwear situation in some of the photos, but I went with it.  
Maternity Session #4
Maternity Session #6
Maternity Session #7
Maternity Session #8
Maternity Session #2
These last two are my favorite photos out of the whole bunch:
Maternity Session #5
Maternity Session #12
Not bad for a last minute session that lasted about 45 minutes in the park just before the sun went down.

Ps.  The quilt you see in some of the photos was made by my cousin Jennifer and Aunt Vail for the baby's nursery.  It is seriously awesome and I plan to share better pictures of it with you all soon.

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  1. I love all these pictures but those ones of my little noodle during her belly shot with you and her holding the camera remote cracked me up. For an impromptu session the pictures turned out so nice, can you order me prints?


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