21 November 2012

the ugly turkey

The Ugly Turkey Play #2
Yesterday the girlie's preschool put on a Thanksgiving production.  There was singing, dancing, and even a play called The Ugly Turkey.  Mabes was The Ugly Turkey (which meant she was a peacock). She does really good talking in front of people and has been awesome with her memory verses this year, so I am sure all of that helped her get the part.  
The Ugly Turkey Play #4
All of the classes were part of the production.  Which meant there were turkeys, peacocks and Indians ranging in ages from 1-5.  It was a little like herding cats in the front of the sanctuary.  A lot of this could be attributed to the fact that as soon as many of the little ones saw their parents they started crying, lost all interest in being in the front of the room and kept trying to go sit down, or froze knowing that they suddenly had an audience.
The Ugly Turkey Play #9
Mabes did great with her lines and speaking into the microphone.  Her teacher, Ms. Bella, was there to help her in case she needed a little help.  
At the Mic
From there things started to go down hill.  The wings of the costume made it a little hard for Mabes to make the motions during the song and dance portion of the show.  I could tell that this was frustrating for her.  
The Ugly Turkey Play #6
Then in the crowd of children someone knocked her headpiece off.  No matter how many times Mabes tried to put it back on or have her teacher help her it didn't stay.  This was really starting to upset her.  The next thing I knew she was laying in my lap crying because she was both frustrated and disappointed.  I felt so bad and tried to help encourage her to get back out there and to fix her costume.  
Ugly Turkey Mishap
A little girl from her class came over and kept telling her, "Accidents happen."  She also pointed out that she wasn't wearing a costume because they wanted her to be a turkey and there was "no way [she] was going to be a turkey!"  This made Mabes feel better and she decided that she wanted to keep singing and dancing, but no longer wanted her costume on.  Easy enough fix and her and her little friend were off to finish the show.
The Ugly Turkey Play #24
After the show we were able to have a Thanksgiving lunch together.  It was a sweet little show and all in all I think Mabes did a good job.  I love these little kid type of shows, they always make me laugh and are so stinking adorable.  I'm crossing my fingers they do a Christmas program too.  

I'm off to go bake, bake, bake to get ready for tomorrow.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

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