11 December 2012

fred is back!

Our resident Elf on a Shelf, Fred, has come to visit us again this year.  Originally I had planned to post about his antics daily (at least a photo anyhow) for the month of December.  Only it turns out December has been a bit insane and there just hasn't been time.  Today I am attempting to play catch up and hopefully from here on out I will be posting about what Fred has been up to on a daily basis.  At least the days I'm not busy in the hospital having a baby.  

Because we are expecting the Burrito this month and there will be other people who are going to have to take care of Mabes (and by default Fred) I needed to make sure that things were well planned out.  I started by printing out an Elf on the Shelf planning calendar I found here.  Then Dan and I decided what things we wanted to do on what days and I wrote it out.  I also collected any and all needed supplies, pre wrote/printed letters, etc. that Fred would need during his stay and stashed them all in a tub under our bed.  This way whoever is on Fred duty just has to check the calendar and then grab what they need from the tub and they are done.  Honestly, this has gone so much smoother than last year, that I will probably continue to keep up the planner in the future.  
photo 1-2
The first thing Fred always does is bring candy cane Hershey Kisses (or chocolate chips as Mabes calls them) from Santa and fills the advent house with them.  Mabes was impressed that starting on the 19th he put two chocolate chips in each day because her sister will also be here, because she had to open every door to verify there would be something waiting for her.  
photo 3-4
Which meant that as soon as Mabes woke up and discovered Fred she checked the advent house out and I woke up to her stuffing candy in her face while screaming that the elf had arrived.  
We had to have a little talk about when it is appropriate to eat candy (not first thing in the morning and only after you have asked for and been given permission) and when it is not (as soon as you wake up, while screaming at your Mama and Dada who were up to that point in a dead sleep).

DAY 1:
Fred showed up with his book so we could review the rules (mainly no touching Fred so that he doesn't lose his magic).  He also had a letter from Santa along with some magic seeds and elf dust.
Fred Dec. 1 #2
In his letter Santa told Mabes that she was to plant the magic seeds (or silver dragees) in some sugar, and then add the magic elf dust (or red embossing powder and silver glitter) and wait for it to grow.  There was wild speculation about what the seeds would produce.  She checked the bowl hourly all day long to see if anything had started to sprout.  The only thing that was certain was that it would be something that could be grown at the North Pole.  She was thrilled when she woke up the next morning and found a bowl full of candy canes waiting for her.
Fred Day 1

DAY 2:
Fred brought a Christmas book for us to read.
Fred Dec 2

DAY 3:
Fred was caught floating in a makeshift boat with two princess in Dan's sink.  (I forgot to take a photo, but you can see a similar version of what I did here.)

DAY 4:
Fred brought a crayon and some personalized stationary for Mabes to write her letter to Santa.  She immediately set to work on her letter before leaving for school.
Fred Dec 4 #1
Fred Dec 4 #2

DAY 5:
Fred was caught drinking maple syrup from the jar in the fridge.
Fred Dec 5

DAY 6:
Fred took chalk and colored on the wall.  
Fred Dec 6 #1
Fred Dec 6 #2

DAY 7:
Fred wrote her a letter and brought all of the fixins for her to make Polar Express Hot Choocolate.  (Which for the record is extremely rich---I wonder if we had added less chocolate chips or maybe omitted the condensed milk if it would have been better.)  We ended up turning into a hot chocolate party and watched Arthur Christmas with Gamma, Gampa, and Dada.
Fred Dec. 7

DAY 8:
Fred brought another letter and $20.  He instructed Mabes to go to the store and buy a gift to be donated to Toys for Tots.  (Sorry I totally forgot to take a picture of him on top of the library card catalog with the letter.)

DAY 9:
Fred was caught on top of the fan in the nursery on a date with Barbie.
Fred Dec. 9

DAY 10:
Fred was waiting on the mantel with a copy of The Star of Christmas DVD.
DAY 11:
This morning Fred was caught eating a cookie on the kitchen counter.  
Come back tomorrow to find out what Fred will be up to next.

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