14 December 2012

it's friday!

I know that my last few posts have been all over the place.  Please hang in there with me.  I have a bit of Shiny Object syndrome going on.  I start thinking about one thing, something shiny catches my eye and I am on to the next thing.  I am all over the place.  Have you ever seen Up?  I'm like the dog, Dug.


Also, while I am thinking about it, this might be my last post until Burrito comes.  Unless of course something super awesome happens that I just have to share in the next few days.  As of right now though, there isn't going to be much going on until the Big Day.  Other than Fred.  I will try and post about Fred.  My house is cleaned, the laundry is done, the groceries have been stocked and my DVR is full and waiting for me to lay on the couch and clean it out.  

Seriously, it is going to be a boring few days around here.

Unless you drive by the house.  In which case you may or may not bear witness to a rather large pregnant lady doing jumping jacks in the driveway while pleading for her water to just break.  If you do drive by honk and wave.  I like friendly passersby.

Now in honor of it being Friday and my mind being all over the place, I give you Random Things For Friday:

1.  A few photos from our visit to Santa this year.  I wish I could hang large, brightly colored ornaments from velvet ribbon from our ceilings.
Visiting Santa's World #7
Seriously, doesn't Santa have a creepy eye?  At least he has a real beard.  I am totally spoiled that every year Mabes has had a Santa with a real beard.
Visiting Santa's World #9

2.  I think I have officially crossed into the dark side of being in full on crazy nesting mode.  Yesterday I stocked up on groceries.  Instead of coming home and putting everything away like a normal person I decided to spend an hour detailing every square inch of the fridge, rearranging things and then rearranging them some more.  What normal person does that?  I also scrubbed the entire house and then decided I needed to redo a wooden sign in our living room.  Which meant a trip to Lowes so that I could create my own chalk paint in a specific color.  Only as it turns out I didn't like the color I choose so I am going to be making another trip in today to try again.  Good thing I just use the Valspar sample paints and it only cost me $3 to change my mind.  

(I wanted a longer list, but I can't seem to settle my brain on any one topic for long enough.  Two is a good stopping point though, don't you think?)


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