07 January 2013

ending the hiatus

It has been almost a month since I posted anything.  I guess you could say I took an unplanned blogging hiatus.  Things have been a little crazy around here.  I actually compare it to a three ring circus most days and having a chance to sit down at the computer for more than two minutes was a luxury I haven't really had.
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The biggest event since I have been on hiatus would be that Harlow was born on the 15th of December.  We are all head over heels in love with our little munchkin.  I plan to blog her birth story at some point.  I want to document all of the details so that I have them for years down the road.  For that reason the birth post is currently a work in progress.

Over the years I have heard people say that it is an adjustment when you have your first child.  I totally agree.  Dan and I went from being two adults who could basically come and go and do as we pleased to being responsible for another human life.  
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I have also heard that going from one kid to two is an adjustment.  Having not been down that road before I have to say I was a little skeptical.  I mean I had already had one baby.  I knew all about the doctor visits, hospital, delivery, late night feedings, naps, and the amount of stuff that is hauled around from place to place to be able to tend to and entertain the baby.  What could be so different that there would have to be more adjusting?

Seriously, two kids is no joke.  Suddenly you go from outnumbering your kid 2 to 1 to being man-on-man and it seems like every time you turn around someone needs something.  Harlow will cry to be nursed.   Just as I settle in to feed the baby Mabes will need a drink, a snack and want to play a game.  Bedtime has had to be a perfectly timed event where the baby has all of her needs met ahead of time so that we can tend to Mabes and get her tucked in, story read, etc.  Late night feedings are a little tougher to deal with now that we are five years older, but what's worse is there are also early morning wake ups from Mabes for school or just because her internal clock doesn't know the meaning of wait until sun up to wake up.  Sleep is but a distant memory as is the concept of down time.  
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(Wanting to play hair dresser while I am getting ready to feed the baby.)

This week I feel like Dan and I are finally coming out of survival mode and starting to establish some sort of routine with the girls.  The goal is to someday be all dressed, ready and out of the door to go some place on time.  Or even just to be all be dressed before two in the afternoon.  Ha!  Actually this morning I was able to get the girls and myself ready to go and had Mabes to school on time.  Winning! 

Thankfully I have heard once you get past this you can have a million kids and it no longer phases you.  
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Truth be told, I wouldn't trade this circus for all of the riches in the world. 

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