11 January 2013

quick christmas 2012 recap

Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by each day?  I feel like I no sooner drag myself out of bed and get the girls ready and Mabes off to school than it is time to turn around and pick her up and have lunch.   Just running one errand seems to take up most of the afternoon and the next thing I know it is already dinner time.  Then bath time, story time and bedtime.  Seriously I blink and the day is over.  Crazy.  Even crazier is the fact that is already Friday and I swear that just a second ago it was only Monday.

Time, you really need to slow down just a little.  Ok?  Thanks!

I have been trying to work on Harlow's newborn photos.  In the past three weeks we have managed to take a very large number of photos.  It has taken me three mornings to sort through all of them.  The good news is that they are sorted.  Now to edit them.  Maybe I will get them done and be able to share them in a month?  Or this spring?  Next year?  At some point, I promise.

I did get a few pictures from Christmas sorted through as well and figured I had better share them now before its June and people are asking me why in the world I am just getting around to sharing photos from Christmas.

A few holiday highlights:

1.  I really like the way that the tree decorations turned out this year.  Dan and Mabes did most of the work while I sat on the floor very pregnant supervising.  They did an awesome job.
Christmas 2012 #2
2.  Christmas morning Harlow spent most of her time either sleeping or being passed around from person to person.  This suited Mabes who helped open Harlow's presents.  It was like double Christmas!
Christmas 2012 #7
3.  I really like this photo of Harlow and my Mom.  I feel like you can kind of tell just how little Harlow really is.  
Christmas 2012 #18
4.  Mabes received her coveted Mulan dress from Santa.  
Christmas 2012 #14
5.  More baby passing around.
Christmas 2012 #16

6.  Another favorite photo from Christmas morning.  After all of the presents were opened we spent the rest of the day watching movies, playing games and hanging out as a family.  Gampa got lots of good baby snuggling time on the couch.
Christmas 2012 #20


  1. I love that picture of "my brother - the grandpa" He just looks so happy and content. And Harlow - she's a beauty. Y'all did good :)


  2. Your dad and Harlow both look like they are happy with each other (smiling too). All the pictures are fantastic. Mabry is growing up way too fast for her Gamma.

  3. she is so sweet, jess. SO sweet.


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