15 January 2013

yesterday morning...was a nightmare

Yesterday morning after dropping Mabes off at school I took Harlow to run a couple of errands.  One of the best things about preschool is I am usually one of the first people at a store when they open because once I drop Mabes off I just keep going.

I digress...

While in the first store Harlow became rather fussy.  I took her outside, changed her diaper in the passenger seat of the car and then moved to the driver's side to nurse her.  I had just put on my nursing cover and unhooked my bra when things suddenly took a turn...

A large woman (large as in probably close to 6 feet tall and built much like a NFL player) knocked on my driver's side window.  My keys were in my pocket, not in the ignition, and I only had one free hand since I was holding the baby with my other.  Instead of rolling down the window I cracked open the door and asked the woman what she needed.  She told me her car was broken and she needed a ride.  I tried to be as polite as possible and told her that I was very sorry but I couldn't give her a ride.  I told her that I did not have the space.  (The car seats took up the entire backseat of the car and the passenger seat still had the diaper bag and all of the changing stuff all over it.)  I also told her that I was in the process of feeding my daughter.  The woman seemed a little upset that I had declined her request, but she shut my door and started to walked away.

My attention immediately went back to the baby who was waving her head all over the place trying to latch on and eat her third breakfast of the morning.  I never bothered to lock the doors or even watch to see where the woman went.

The next thing I knew the passenger side door of the car was being opened and the woman is throwing all of the diaper bag stuff into the back seat and CLIMBING INTO MY CAR.  (She also threw the dirty diaper I had left on the floor board until I could find a garbage can into the parking lot.  I don't know why but this really bothers me.)  After my half second of total shock I asked her what she was doing.  She responded, "I told you I needed a ride and you are going to give me a ride."  I tried to once again tell her no and to get out but it was very clear that she wasn't going to leave the car.

I should also note that she had a large purse with her and I didn't know if she had a weapon in there or not.  I have seen just enough Grey's Anatomy and CSI and other prime time drama for my imagination to be dangerous.

Finally I gave in and told her I would drive her where ever she wanted but I wasn't going to move the car until she let me put the baby in her car seat.  Please let me put the baby in the car seat.  She agreed, and so I hurried up and pulled my shirt down, took the nursing cover off and got out of the car.

There wasn't a single person in the parking lot for me to yell to for help.  I did think about taking off running back into the store but I didn't.  All I could think was that if the woman managed to catch up to me or shoot me or whatever I could potentially drop Harlow on the concrete.

I put the baby in her car seat and ran back around the car into the driver's seat.  The car keys were in my pocket still, so it wasn't like the woman could drive off with the baby but them alone in the car was probably the scariest two seconds of my life.

Once I got the car into drive I asked her where she wanted me to take her.  She told me to drive down the main road that the mall and all of the shopping plazas were on.  Then she told me I needed to go to an ATM.  I asked her which bank she needed and that was when she explained she didn't care because she wanted me to take out money for her.

Y'all my husband works hard for his money and I wasn't about to let this woman take it.  Something about that was just a step too far.  I refused.  I told her I didn't have any money.  She kept insisting and was getting more and more upset every time I said no.  She balled her hands into fists.  She hit the dash.  She grabbed my arm.  I continued to refuse.

The whole time that was going on I was praying I would find a police car.  My plan if I saw one was to hit it.  Don't ask me why, but I figured that was going to be the best way to get them to stop and help me.

The woman then had me pull into a fast food parking lot.  She told me she was going to get out and that I was not to move.  She reiterated that I was to stay right where I was several times.  I promised I wouldn't go anywhere and confirmed for her that I didn't have a phone (thank goodness my cell was on silent and concealed in the door) when she asked.  As soon as she closed the door to the car I saw her start to walk towards the restaurant and then change her course and approach a cab driver who was unlocking his car.  I realized she wasn't paying attention to me, hit the door locks, put the car in reverse, backed out of the spot quickly and then slammed the car into drive and gunned it out onto the road.

The main road is a six lane road.  I never looked to see if there was any traffic.  Looking back, that is what makes me the most sick to my stomach.  When I gunned it to get out of there, I just went.  Can I say that God must have really been looking out for Harlow and I.  It is by His grace we didn't get t-boned or seriously harm someone else.

After that it was kind of a blur.  I called my mom and started to cry as I told her what happened.  I just wanted to talk to someone.  She told me I needed to call the police.  Which I did.  I told them what happened, gave a description of the woman and they sent someone to go and pick her up.  I also called Dan's work to let him know what was going on.  I figured he would be pretty upset if I saved that for a story around the dinner table later that night.  His work was awesome and let him have the rest of the day off to stay with the baby and I.  This was great because once the adrenaline stopped I felt pretty sick for most of the day, so Dan was a big help.

Also, Mabes has no idea any of this happened and the last thing I want is for her to find out.  She already worries about things she doesn't need to and this is the last thing she needs.  So please, don't mention anything about this when she is around.

Anyhow, there are lots of things looking back I should have done or could have done.  In that moment my brain sort of turned to jelly and my main focus and concern was the baby.  Right or wrong, that is what happened.

The moral of the story, make sure you lock your doors when you are sitting in your car in the parking lot.  You never know when a crazy person might just call the proverbial shot gun and hop in there with you.


  1. Oh, Jess. :/
    So glad you two are ok. <3
    God was watching.

  2. omg, my heart is racing reading this. praise be to God that you are both safe, though rightfully terrified.


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