25 February 2013

month two

Harlow Rose 2 Months #7
 Stats: Month Two
  • Length: 21.8 inches (13.5 percentile)
  • Weight: 11lbs 7oz (48.8 percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 39.5 cm (74 percentile) The girl has a big old noggin, which is good because it can help support the two chins she has.  
Harlow Rose 2 Months 2.15.2013
Likes/Dislikes/Milestones: Month Two
  • Has started sleeping 6-7.5 hours through the night. 
  • Likes when we help her to stand up on our laps so she can push with her little legs and bounce herself.
  • Does not like sitting at red lights, she prefers to feel the car moving at all times.  If you asked her she would want you to blow through every intersection.  Traffic laws be darned.
  • Does not like being set down and will cry until someone holds her.  She is an even bigger cuddle bug than her big sissy.  
  • Has found her voice and will coo and make oh and ah noises at everyone and everything.
  • Her smiles are becoming more joy related and less gas induced. 
  • Firsts: saw her first snow this past weekend, stayed in her first hotel when we went to Cherry Point Marine Base, saw the ocean for the first time on that same trip.
Harlow Rose 2 Months #3
Mama's Favorite Moments: Month Two
  • She now follows us with her eyes and will stare and smile when we talk to her.
  • She has had a bad cold (which I wish more than anything I could take from her) which has resulted in even more cuddle time.
  • The way she smiles whenever we show her the stuffed giraffe in her crib.  She also lights up when she sees her Daddy and he starts talking to her.
  • Bath time is becoming lots of fun.  She loves the water as much as her sissy, they even took their first bath together the other day.  After the bath I love how wafty her hair is and how it stands straight up on her head.  Dan says she is our little troll doll.
Month 2 #1
Big Sister Interview: Month Two
  • What is the best part of being a big sister?  I get to do all the things with my best sissy.  I can hold her, kiss her, hold her hand, and play with her.
  • What is the worst thing?  Changing diapers.  It is the worst thing in my whole life.
  • What is your favorite thing to do with Harlow?  Hold her.  No wait, kiss her.  No, rub her head.  I love it all.
  • What is your favorite thing about Harlow?  She smiles and makes funny faces.
  • How do you help with your sister?  I help get her diapers and keeping quiet when she eats.
  • What did you learn about your sister this month?  Babies eat warm milk.
  • What color do you think your sister's eyes are going to be? Black but give up the white. (I am unsure what it means to "give up the white.")  Or maybe pink or purple.  
  • Anything else you want to add? I hope she likes unicorns and ponies.  I also hope she dreams of being a princess and that Mama is the queen, Daddy is the king and I am the stepsister.


  1. All the pictures are good as usual but I really LOVE that one of Dan with the girls. Love how Mabry wants to be the step-sister, crazy girl. Love them.

  2. Mabry just cracks me up. That girl must keep you laughing. Such a beautiful family you have :)


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