06 February 2013

roller derby queen she is not

Roller Skating 1.20.13
A few weeks ago Dan and I took the girls to Georgia.  My parents were going on a mini vacation to Charleston, SC and we had volunteered our services as house sitters/dog watchers.

While in Georgia, Dan and I thought it would be fun to take Mabes to do a few special fun things she had been wanting to do.

Things like go to Build-a-Bear and let her make a Hello Kitty doll.  This was something that she had been begging us to do for months and months.  We told her she could pick out an outfit for her doll, but that she had to use her own money to buy it.  There was quite a bit of time spent walking back and forth trying to pick out just the right outfit.  She finally settled on what she referred to as a wedding dress with a necklace.  In reality Hello Kitty is wearing a first holy communion dress.  I'm OK with it because Mabes is happy and it saved her about $5 compared to the actual wedding dress ensemble Build-a-Bear was hocking.
Skating 1
We also decided to take her roller skating.  Mabes is no stranger to the roller rink and has loved it every time we have gone in the past.  However, the afternoon we went had a lot more adults and teenagers in attendance.  This made Mabes a little nervous because she had to try and get past all of the fast skaters to the middle of the rink in order to have a safe spot for her to shuffle/skate along.

After paying the admission, getting her and Dan both into skates, taking a few photos and then out onto the rink for two minutes Mabes decided she wanted to go home.  We tried everything to get her to relax a little and have fun.  Dan went as far as to rent what can only be described as a PVC walker to help her keep balance.
Skate 2
Eventually Mabes loosened up and started to have fun.  She even managed to crack a few genuine smiles.  By the time we were ready to pack up and head back to my parents' house she didn't want to leave.  Isn't that the way it always works out?

Harlow spent the entire time napping and completely oblivious to the neon disco wonderfulness that was blasting around her.
Roller Skating #10

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  1. She looks so cute skating and that is quite the contraption for her to hang on to, I think it is genius. You both are such good parents to do these things with her and before too long with Harlow.


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