27 February 2013

the one where harlow was so not impressed

At the very end of January we took an overnight trip to the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point because Dan had a work related test he needed to take there.  

While he was busy taking his test in the morning, Mabes and I wandered around and took photos of various helicopters, jets and planes that were scattered around the base and town.
Cherry Point #2
Mabes had a blast taking photos and posing.  She told me that she thought she wanted to be a photographer like me when she grew up.  She also said that she wanted to join the Air Force so she could fly planes.  The girl has big dreams.  
Cherry Point #4

Cherry Point #6
Because Dan only had to take the test in the morning we decided to make the most of our time on the coast and stopped at the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores on the way home.  

Harlow was not impressed with anything aquarium related.  The entire time we were there she basically made this face:
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #2
Or she would give the side-eye to creatures:
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #3
You can even see her unimpressed reflection in the glass:
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #9
By the way when I realized that this was not just one snake, as I had thought at first glance, but rather a pile of snakes I almost climbed a wall.  Snakes are not my thing.
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #8
Mabes, on the other hand, loved every minute of our little aquarium adventure.
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #11
One of her favorite spots was an area where you could down a lab coat and pretend to rescue a sea turtle, rehabilitate it and set it free.
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #13

Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #14
Dan thought it was so cool he had to do it too:
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #21
Because there are such few records of me ever being anywhere I thought I would include this photo Dan took.  Check out the creepy sharks swimming overhead:
Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium #18
As we were driving home I made the observation that since it was such a bright, beautiful day and we were so close to the ocean maybe we should stop at a public beach so that Dan could take Harlow to see the ocean for the first time.
Harlow's First Trip to the Ocean #16
It was rather windy.  Mabes and I stood on a pier while Dan ran down to the water with Harlow:
Harlow's First Trip to the Ocean #3
He dipped her hand in the water:
Harlow's First Trip to the Ocean #6
And then ran back up the beach to us:
Harlow's First Trip to the Ocean #19

I'm so glad that we took the little trip and made some fun memories with the girls.  I am also glad that Dan was able to be there for Harlow's first trip to the ocean, even if she was totally unimpressed.

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  1. I too am not a fan of snakes and avoided eye contact with those pictures. Looks like a fun trip. Love making memories.


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